Photo: Newport Folk Festival

54 years since its inception the 2013 Newport Folk Festival kicks off tomorrow, Friday, July 25, adding a third day for the first time ever, hosting a bevy of over 50 artists we’re nothing short of nerding out over here at SONGLYRICS for. From Beck to Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Taureg guitarist Bombino to The Avett Brothers, the talent this year runs deep upon the holy folk ground that both birthed Joan Baez and Bob Dylan. Who knows, maybe The Lumineers will make like Bobby D, go electric, get booed and never play the fest again. Still wouldn’t be as great a walk off as 1965’s caustic, “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue.” Nevertheless, we’ll be there all three days with our thumbs to the internets for y’all, tweeting, Facebooking and crafting narratives of all the lyric magic. Stay tuned, it’s all starting now, baby blue: