Hot off the late-blooming success of Mandatory Fun, Weird Al Yankovic’s first No. 1 album on the Billboard charts ever, the king of lyric kitsch took to adding sentiments to primetime television’s current all star lineup at the 66th production of the Emmys on Sunday.

From Mad Men (“Jon Hamm’s never won an Emmy/Oh, who cares, he’s still Jon freaking Hamm”) to Modern Family (“It’s Modern Family/Hot babe with old dude/Couple of gay guys”) Yankovic pulled out some pretty clever subtitle punchlines. Perhaps not Word Crimes caliber. But by the time Andy Samburg pops in as ‘Joffrey’ in the spirit of boob-replay and quicker scripts, and a typewriter is given to George R.R. Martin in the audience, Yankovic, as he’s proved with his own career, does a grand job of showing how a dying format just needs a new stage:

Here come dragons galore, and some boobs

Okay, to be fair, there’s way more boobs

If you miss a big scene, watch it back

Watch it over, watch it over, watch it over

Hope you paid attention, to the math

You can pause that, you can pause that, you can pause that

Don’t get too attached to, a certain guy

Have a back up, have a back up, have a back up

He might drink some poison wine

That’s a spoiler, that’s a spoiler, that’s a spoiler

Type George, type as fast as you can

We need more scripts

Type George, fast as arrows can fly

We need more scripts

Write them faster, write them faster, write them faster