Having come and gone like an unforgiving hurricane, Kanye’s sixth studio album Yeezus is a project filled with highly quotable lyrics – some dubious and crude and others downright hilarious. On “I Am A God“, Kanye boorishly demands that a waiter in a “French ass restaurant,” hurry up with his damn croissants, which had more than a few critics laughing out of their seats. But thinking also. Sure it was a declaration perhaps made in jest – or maybe it’s proof once and for all that he really is the colossal prick he makes himself out to be – but for lyric nerds it meant so much more. It was a left-field challenge for audiophiles to dig deep and pick out some of the most memorable food related lyrics they could find. With an infinite number to choose from, we whittled it down to five in hopes of someday satiating Kanye’s hunger.

Eat Street; Photo:N/APeople Under the Stairs – ‘Eat Street

If you were ever to find yourself in California wandering around aimlessly looking for something tasty to gnosh, do yourself a favor and track down the masters of munchies Thes One and Double K of People Under the Stairs. In addition to being two pop culture nerds – of the Questlove variety – the always hungry cult heroes have quite a Rolodex of greasy spoon options. With foodies like this as friends, you’ll never have to look to Yelp again: [LISTEN]

I'm Sorry That I Got Fat (I Will Do My Best To Slim Down; Photo:N/AWesley Willis – ‘I’m Sorry That I Got Fat (I Will Slim Down)

Numbers show that one in every three Americans are obese, which means that between you, the person to your left, and the person to your right, one of you is despicably large. In concert with that disturbing factoid is that there are also over 14,000 McDonald’s in the United States. Coincidence? No, definitely not. Just ask Wesley Willis, who in addition to be being a savant was also a human garbage disposal when it came to fast food. He hated the hold it had on him, which sparked this classic rant. Rock over London, rock on Chicago, and rock on Wesley for telling it like it is: [LISTEN]

Brown Sugar; Photo:N/AD’Angelo – ‘Brown Sugar

Before D’Angelo ballooned into an M&M he was a smooth talker who could extend an analogy across the length of a song like nobody’s business. He was as cool as it came back then, and only he could take a campy metaphor like brown sugar, and turn it into a certified classic – to the tune of platinum status at that. Sure, there’s a good chance that the song is about getting high, but that certainly didn’t matter to the droves of women who gladly dropped their panties at the sound of D’s Sly Stoniancroon: [LISTEN]

"Brown Sugar"

Coconut; Photo:N/AHarry Nilsson – ‘Coconut

The genius of Harry Nilsson is vastly underrated. He was a man of conviction who stood outside the lines. And when faced with the opportunity to sell out, he took a nice long look at the status-quo and said ‘pass’, still winning awards all the while like a true boss. Probably one of his more widely recognized songs, thanks in part to the quirky ending to Reservoir Dogs, “Coconut” offers so much more than meets the eye. There are no chord changes throughout and there are three different characters – one female – that are represented. Narrative genius in its most simple form: [LISTEN]


Fruitman; Photo:N/AKool & The Gang – ‘Fruitman

Kool & The Gang were getting their fruit and vegetable on well before it became a trendy thing to do. “Fruitman,” which saw new life after Dilla sampled it on Donuts for “The Diff’rence,” was a distress call for all the good people of the world to shape up and get hip to the benefits of a balanced diet – a little corny, but still extremely relevant. Kool & The Gang prove once again just how ahead of the times they were. It’s classic song worthy of numerous repeats because how often do you hear someone actually harmonize the word “potato”? Seriously: [LISTEN]