So somebody did muster up the $2 million (and $45K change) that Sotheby’s in New York expected to reel in for the holy grail of Bob Dylan lyrics, a handwritten first draft of Like a Rolling Stone,” scribbled on stationary from the Roger Smith Hotel in Washington in June of 1965. 

Same philosophical questions still remain – mainly what this means for a song so progressive it eats itself? But money can be exchanged for goods and services, so there’s that. How does it feel, buyer still complete unknown to own “Like a Rolling Stone?”

Though we suppose that Al Capone rhyme scheme Dylan was revealed to be playing with is at least worth as much as previous record lyric sale, John Lennon‘s “A Day in the Life.” Meanwhile, a working draft of A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall hammered out for $485K. Moral of the story: lyrics are ideas are worth monies. 

Photo: AP/Sotheby's