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The beef between Drake and Pusha T has been one of the most exciting things to happen in rap in years. In Drake’s only response (so far) “Duppy Freestyle” there is a cryptic verse in which he mentions that Kanye utilized a ghostwriter. Drake raps:

What do you really think of the nigga that’s makin’ your beats?
I’ve done things for him I thought that he never would need
Father had to stretch his hands out and get it from me
I pop style for 30 hours then let him repeat

In a recent episode of Hot 97 Ebro Darden and Peter Rosenberg elaborated on that verse and revealed that Drake wrote the hook on “Yikes” off Kanye’s newest album Ye. “It’s now a confirmed thing that Drake wrote the hook for ‘Yikes,'” said Rosenberg. “It may be the best melody on the album when you go listen to it. You’ll hear it now and go, ‘Oh, that does sound really good, I get that.'”

Rosenberg also mentioned that Drake wasn’t given credit or acknowledged in any way. “They didn’t credit him, they said they like forgot. They left him off, he doesn’t have a writing credit, interesting timing to forget the writing credit.”

For now it seems like the beef has hit a standstill. Pusha T is in the lead, but apparently Drake has a response he’s sitting on that would serve as a devastating blow. In an interview with Sway In The Morning Rap-A-Lot founder J. Prince explained that he prevented Drake from a releasing a career-ending diss.

“I saw this going in a place that I feel would have ended [Pusha T’s] career if Drake would’ve put out this song that he had on him and definitely would’ve hurt families,” he told Sway. “You know what I mean? We not in for that. That’s not Drake’s character. We’re not in business to tear our brother, fellow man down to that extent.”

The world may never hear that “career-ending” diss, but between the news from Hot 97 and J. Prince’s claim that Drake has plenty of ammunition it’s likely that we’ll have to wait until Scorpion to hear another exciting chapter in the Drake vs. Pusha T saga.