As previously reported, fallen Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg homie Nate Dogg did in fact get resurrected via the-future-is-now hologram technology at Coachella over the weekend. Though stealing the spotlight post-press time of said previous report, was Tupac Shakur‘s likeness in the same hologram form, performingHail Mary,” a tune the living Tupac had never done live, “Gangsta Party” and “Come With Me.” Apparently fans enjoyed the late rapper’s second coming. Though the intranets are a little creeped out, virally-speaking. Also, hilarious, via the immediately emerged @HologramTupac handle.

Cobain’s ‘White Album’:

In an interview with Fuse‘s William Goodman about his new Kurt Cobain confessional book, Letters to Kurt, Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson opened up about a set of demos the late Nirvana frontman recorded shortly before his death that would have shaped up to be his first solo offering, Erlandson wide-eyeing the cuts’ Beatlesque potential, “[Kurt] was headed in a direction that was really cool. It would have been his White Album.” Citing 2004’s With the Lights Out box set’s “Do Re Mi” as proof that said demos exist, Erlandson hinted at a possible release of a record someday, though since he doesn’t “own the stuff” wouldn’t expound further. Yet another heartbreaking rock what-if written on the wall.

Bieber Fails:

Despite breaking sales records worldwide with the most copies sold in its first week ever, Justin Bieber‘s “Boyfriend” could not trump clobbering confectionary popsters Fun. and their Janelle Monae-studded youth anthem “We Are Young,” at its fifth straight week on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart. Bieber’s manager is keeping a smile on Bieber cultists’ twee faces with a few record-mentioning tweets. But haters just got some hate fuel for the 18-year-old singer. In America at least. In his Canadian native lands he landed the number one slot.

Hall of No-Shows:

Ending a few weeks of drama, Axl Rose, as open-letter underscored, did not show up at the 2012 Rock Hall of Fame induction ceremony over the weekend. Nor did The Face‘s-era Rod Stewart on account of a sore throat. Nor did the Beastie Boys‘ cancer-battling Adam Yauch. Nor did the Chili Peppers‘ John Frusciante. In Yauch’s and Stewart’s case, of course, their absences weren’t related to any negative vibes. Maybe a wee bit with Frusciante. But Axl’s lauded non-presence on the other hand saw some “Fuck Axl” screams, according to Rolling Stone. And most of the remaining members of Guns N’ Roses got to doing what they do best without the enigmatic frontman in tow, performing “Mr. Bownstone,” and a couple of other classic shredders, alongside their induction into the 27th edition of the Ceremony. While the LA Times has an entertaining recap of other highlights.


On this day in 1943, a ridiculously organized Swiss chemist, Albert Hoffman, dutifully recorded the effects of a drug he had accidentally consumed in 1943, classifying on paper for the first time the hallucinogenic effects of LSD. Recording “a not unpleasant, intoxicated-like condition” marred by “unpleasantly glaring” daylight, and of course “fantastic pictures” and “kaleidoscopic play of colors,” said trippy properties were co-opted in the 60s by everyone from Steve Jobs to The Beatles, the latter of which penned the most infamously suggestive tieback to blotter-times, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” Co-writer John Lennon swore that the title, contrary to popular hippie belief, was not an LSD acronym trick, but rather a picture his son Julian drew. But it’s much more fun to embrace the lyric and video trip:


Picture yourself in a boat on a river
With tangerine trees and marmalade skies
Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly
A girl with kaleidoscope eyes