Inspired by the lyrics of Tupac Shakur, Holler if Ya Hear Me is a forthcoming Broadway play described as a “riveting, non-biographical story about friendship, love, change, family and hope.” It stars the prolific Saul Williams who will be assigned the monumental task of bringing Pac’s timeless lyrics to life. The expectations are high, and while it isn’t the first time that a musical icon has crossed paths with Broadway it does have the potential to kick start a whole new movement (Biggie musical, anyone? Or how about James Brown?). The well of inspiration that is Tupac’s musical catalog is deep, and rife with serious overtones, but in promotion of some lighthearted jest we’ve corralled five lyrical scenarios that we’d like to see play out in this play or another. 

Black Jesuz

Black Jesus; Photo: N/AWhen you need to get your Tupac Chakra right you call on Jesus. And not just any old Jesus, but Black Jesus a.k.a. Earl “The Pearl” Monroe. So how about this scenario: As Saul’s character contemplates the trappings of street life, The Pearl emerges and tries to convince him to steer clear of the wayward path. He laces up his air Jerusalem’s, lathers those old knees up, and school’s Saul on how to handle the press when it’s crunch time: [LISTEN]

"Black Jesuz"

Ambitionz Az a Ridah

Ambitionz Az A Ridah; Photo: N/ANo Tupac inspired play would be complete without a conspiracy theory, and this one is a real whopper. It should be streamed at a low levels throughout the entire play, seeping into the audience’s subconscious little by little. Then, during the final curtain, blasted at full volume to which we’ll catch a quick glimpse of Tupac, Elvis, and the Alien from Area 51 playing cards with a bunch of strippers: [LISTEN]

"Ambitionz Az a Ridah"

Fucking with the Wrong Nigga

Fucking with the Wrong Nigga; Photo: N/AEvery drama needs conflict, and Saul can be a real badass when he wants to be. So as soon as the fight scene hits and he gets that crazy Sam Jackson gleam in his eye you cue this one. Follow the ensuing action with a couple dramatic karate chops and some really bad overdubs, and you’ve got yourself a whole new twist in an otherwise predictable plot. When things get a little too serious some Truck Turner, B-Movie action is always welcome: [LISTEN]

"Fucked with the Wrong Nigga"


Changes; Photo:N/AThe irony here is that things really haven’t change, so the question is, what would Tupac do? Would he prance around with the “I told you so” mentality or would he gracefully tip his cap and let the message sink in. Or maybe he’ll pull a razor blade out his mouth and start slashing everyone in sight, Above the Rim style. No one but Pac knows. No one but Pac: [LISTEN]


Fuck All Y’all

Fuck All Y'all; Photo:N/AGenerally speaking fans want to see this one succeed. but in the event of a complete bust there should be a song ready to go so Saul and company can make their getaway. The best thing to do would be to hire Tupac’s hologram to distract folks. By the time the crowd figures out what happened everyone will be long gone with a satchel full of cash and all the free beverages one ensemble can carry: [LISTEN]

"Fuck All Y'all"