John Lennon records ‘Hey Jude’ in 1968 at Apple Studios (left), Paul McCartney’s handwritten lyrics to the song up for auction (right); Photo: YouTube (left); The Beatles Bible/Christie’s

As the legends age their memorabilia becomes that much more coveted. It seems like the Beatles will always be a part of American folklore, and now with a recent announcement one of the most sought after relics could be yours to cherish.

Lyrics for “Hey Jude,” handwritten by Paul McCartney, will be going up for auction and are expected to fetch $375,000. A videotape shows John Lennon using the lyric sheet during a recording session, which authenticates it and establishes provenance.

According to, Moments in Time dealer Gary Zimet, who is selling the item, said, “This rare lyric sheet was seen being used by Lennon in a filmed recording session and is written all in McCartney’s hand.”

“Hey Jude” is one of the Beatles’ most iconic songs. It was original titled “Hey Jules,” and written by McCartney to help comfort Julian Lennon (John’s first-born son) during the divorce of John and then wife Cynthia Powell.

Roughly 16 years prior, McCartney blocked the sale of the lyrics, claiming that they had been stolen from his home. According to Billboard, Florrent Tessier “bought them from a street market stall in the early ’70s in London for 10 pounds, then worth about $24.”

Tessier had the lyrics hanging up in his home, but didn’t realize they were original until ’96 when he had it appraised by Sotheby’s. The expected value then was $116,000, and now with the lyrics expected to exceed $300,000, McCartney blocking the sale might have been the best thing that could have ever happened.

The lyrics to “Hey Jude” aren’t expected to reach the millions like other auctions, but with the viability of the Beatles and the high profile nature of the song who knows what could happen when the auctions gets under way.