A screenshot from YG’s “Fuck Donald Trump” music video; Photo: YG/YouTube

Hackers with social motives — also know as hacktivists (hack + activist) — are striking out at the radio airwaves by commandeering stations from oldies to Spanish-language and broadcasting YG‘s protest anthem “Fuck Donald Trump.”

Sunny 107.9, a community radio station in Salem, South Carolina reported on Monday that they had been “HACKED,” and that the anti-Trump songs were “NOT [their] broadcast!” Claiming to have captured the IP address of the hackers and forwarded it to proper authorities, the unassuming South Carolina radio station shouted the message across the 10-mile radius that they serve while the FCC and WFBS furiously worked to fix the situation.

The South Carolina radio station is just one of many small stations that have been under the radar of the politically upset hackers. Since the inauguration, radio stations around the nation have been boosted to forward an anti-Trump message. On Jan 20th, Crescent Hill Radio a nonprofit station which proudly serves up local music to the residents of Louisville, Kentucky was hijacked to the dismay of its operators.

“OK, not funny. some one has hacked into out transmitter tower, and the FM was playing a mp3 clip repeatedly of %$^# Donald Trump,” the station posted on Facebook.

Radio Insight reports that the hacks are results of the use of unsecured devices– which the hackers are able to easily infiltrate by searching through the Shodan database of internet-connected devices then using a botnet to attack the vulnerable device. The attack is basically a replication of a similar attack that occurred in April of last year that broadcasted, ahem, obscene furry content.

While some stations are frantic about the loss of control over their airwaves, others are freely broadcasting “Fuck Donald Trump’ to their audience. One “pirate” station from the beautiful Pacific Northwest 101.9 KQES-LP Bellevue WA, just outside Seattle, has been bumping the song for over a week.

Maybe radio isn’t dead after all.