F**k Time:

As previously reported via Billie Joe Armstrong’s “FUCK TIME!!!!” tweet on account of his Valentine’s Day excitement over the fact that his lil’ Dookie-cum-Broadway crew that could, Green Day, made it back to the studio to record a new record, ol’ Billie dropped an update yesterday announcing not one album, not two, but ¡Tré! albums come this fall. That’d be Spanglish for three, for you non-bilingual folks. ¡Tré! will drop in January (15). ¡Dos! in November (13). And ¡Uno! in September (25). The pervading quote and theme of said trilogy denoted in the band’s press statement: “We are going epic as fuck!” Godspeed, Greenday.

The Britney Factor:

Fallen pop icon Birtney Spears is in talks to sign a $15 million judge deal with Simon Cowell’s American version of X Factor, according to sources close to E! News. Though reps from X Factor are keeping mum, E! has quotes from a handful of the unnamed claiming the negotiations spread over a few weeks over just how much Spears would be paid, and that the star is excited to be on the show. If true, it would make her the highest paid judge on reality television, surpassing Jennifer Lopez‘s $12 million deal with Simon’s other baby, American Idol. Meanwhile former judges Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul will not be returning to the show, as Cowell fired them at the end of last season.

Welcome To The Jungle:

So Axl Rose will not be attending Guns N’ Roses Rock and Hall Induction Ceremony, record-stopping weeks of speculation as to who of the original band would sit in the same company with the notorious hater of his roots with an open-letter to the L.A. Times. Of the many reasons why Mr. Rose is graciously declining the dubious honor and “strongly” requesting that he “not be inducted in absentia” he’s claiming the Ceremony is a place where it “doesn’t appear” he’s “actually wanted or respected.” Which puts this move into two camps: 1.) thoroughly rock ‘n’ roll, or 2.) thoroughly ungrateful. Besides, who knows, it could be some elaborate prank and come April 14 Axl will come out and welcome the jungle back into your ears in the flesh, Slash in tow and all. Probably not, though.

Rough Trade:

Legendary London record shop-turned label that has spanned nurturing of groups from The Smiths to The Libertines has announced an NYC partnership with The Bowery Presents to open a combination record shop and performance space, set to open in the fall. The space will pop up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, reports Billboard, with an excited quote from Rough Trade’s co-owner, Stephen Godfory, “At long last, we can finally confirm the next bold step in our evolution. We’re extremely excited at the prospect of handling over the ‘blank canvas’, that is a Rough Trade store, to the music lovers of New York, allowing them to make it their own culture agora, just as the people of London have so successfully achieved, with downturn-defying results.”


Four days after Kurt Cobain took his life in 1994, the late rock icon’s wife, Courtney Love, and her own respective band, Hole, dropped their sophomore effort, Live Through This, on this day, immediately slapped with rumors that Kurt had a hand in writing if not all, most of its songs, on account of just how damn good the record was. Sure it borrowed a bit of the loud-soft, sludge ‘n’ shrill dynamics of Nirvana, but threaded so unabashedly with vulnerability that could turn to riot grrrl on a dime, it was clear that only a woman like Love could have penned such a statement. Case-in-point, the achy punch in the self-image gut drawl of “Doll Parts,” Love wailing:

I want to be the girl with the most cake
I love him so much it just turned to rape
I fake it so real I am beyond fake