So if ¡Uno! closed with a rehab-downward spiral of a Justin Bieber tirade, Green Day‘s 2012 trilogy push here has got to be grand on ¡Dos! no? Judging from the full stream (via Consequence of Sound) ahead of its November 13 release, anyhow, things are looking mighty garage-gritty, aside from a few odd treasures like the lady-rapping “Nightlife” and the Cali-pop swing of “Stray Heart.” And here we thought their broadway story-archs were a thing of the past. Either way, Billie Joe Armstrong promised us “FUCK TIME!!!!” and ladies and gentlemen that eponymous track-title time has arrived, in wee sadistic, wee humorous and lots disturbing mantras. Meanwhile, get to sponging up the preview of the record before we get to assembling its finest moments come next week, i.e. that time in which to get you know what:

I wanna choke you ’til you’re blue in the face

Dirty thoughts and a dirty mind

Oh baby baby it’s fuck time

I really really wanna make you mine