A swift breakout from the Amy Winehouse R&B shadow 2010’s My Best Friend is You cast upon fellow London singer-songwriter Kate Nash, the 25-year-old’s Girl Talk (March 5) is shaping up to be her most confessional and endearing yet. Forthright with her past ’bouts with anxiety, “I felt like I absolutely needed to do this album, and if I didn’t, I would have needed to go to a mental institute,” she told SPIN. Though as the old adage goes – from dark times, wrought bright art. Not that Girl Talk is a kleenex record. Token single “3AM” does some pining for a frustrated love. But it’s a bouncy, Best Coast-ish number with a sense of humor, housed on a daring collection of songs she chose to self-drop on her own label, ‘have 10p‘. Besides, what the hell else is there to do at 3:00 a.m. other than be a prisoner of your own mind? And don’t say sleep. Sleep is for suckers:

I’m tryna get just what I want

And I’ll pick the pieces up tomorrow

Cut the pill and take my chances and a half

Yeah baby

You are the one I think of

All the night