We Will Hologram You:

Queen‘s iconic guitarist Brian May wants to let the world know that he and the remaining members of the infamous British rock export were looking at Tupac-type hologram technology before Dr. Dre, telling the BBC “It’s a little unfortunate,” citing the late-rapper Coachella fiasco before asserting, “we’ve been trying to make Freddie [Mercury] appear on the stage for quite a while.” While his jealousy sparkles, Freddie will take some of that sparkle soon, as the the band readies “an optical illusion of sorts” to commemorate the 10th anniversary of London’s West End musical, We Will Rock You, on May 14.

Class Clown Spots A UFO:

Per their forthcoming June follow-up to Let’s Go Eat The Factory, Midwestern lo-fi heroes Guided By Voices teased another tune from Class Clown Spots a UFO via Rolling Stone. The eponymous title-track is much like the glossy departure of an initial offering we heard in “Keep it in Motion,” catching some horn fills and and handclaps. Also, it has a lengthy backstory of sorts, incubated initially in the late 80s as “Crocker’s Favorite Song,” fiddled with in the studio during 1994’s Bee Thousand sessions, alternately-titled and reworked over three different GBV compilations and finally, polished by the current mid-90s incarnation of the band as heard today. Plus Robert Pollard’s pen is not in full kooky effect. Give us your thoughts.

Coal Miner’s Daughter:

Country Hall of Famer Loretta Lynn revealed an indie darling treat last night during a Grand Ole Opry show at the Ryman Auditorium. Mirroring a 1979 move prior to the filming of Coal Miner’s Daughter, in which Lynn brought out Sissy Spacek at a similar Opry gig introduction, this time the iconic singer brought out Zooey Deschanel to tease the upcoming broadway adaptation of said film, starring Deschanel as Lynn. Deschanel was reportedly charming as ever, according to Billboard, sharing with the audience, “This is a great honor for me. This is my hero.” The two then traded verses from the eponymous tune while holding hands. No word yet on other deets of the production. Just that Deschenel’s in tow and Fox Theatricals and Scott Sanders Prouctions are claiming producer roles.  

One More Try:

Originally cut in 2011 for The Onion AV Club and their “A.V. Undercover” series, pastoral chamber-popsters Iron & Wine took to reimagining George Michael‘s late 80s cheesy balladOne More Try” for a another series of the studio-recorded kind via Suicide Squeeze Records. Dubbed Two Sides of George, side a holds the George Michael tune, while the flip belongs to a cover of Little Feat‘s “Trouble,” on account of their frontman also holding a “George” in his surname. But back to the George Michael tune, dig on what a little analogue organ treatment can do to a line like “so if you love me, say you love me/But if you don’t just let me go.”