Former Trump Adviser Carter Page; Photo: Artyom Korotayev/Tass/Getty/CNN

Who hasn’t wanted to quote Maroon 5 while also questioning the integrity of the FBI? We all want to, but rarely do any of us get that chance.

Well, former Trump Adviser Carter Page just got that chance. In a 10-page letter obtained by CNN, Page asks the Department of Justice to release documents that he says could show how the Obama administration try to keep tabs on him illegally.

“The documents that the US Department of Justice must now provide are crucial to repairing the integrity of your organization following last year’s events,” he writes in the letter to the FBI. “Your unbiased leadership in authorizing the release of this information can manifestly help prove how completely unjustified this entire witch hunt organized by the Clinton campaign and the Obama Administration has been all along.”

So what better way to persuade the DoJ to release some documents than to quote Maroon 5’s “Harder To Breathe“? I can’t think of anything more compelling.

“A song from popular culture accurately describes many of the matters usurping a vast proportion of your time and America’s attention given the primary focus of the mainstream media today,” he writes, right before quoting the song.

Like a little girl who cries in the face of a monster that lives in her dreams

Page also included a footnote in the letter with the URL to the music video of the song. Yeah, like anyone at the DoJ will actually watch the video as a part of reviewing the letter. I mean, Maroon 5 may have once had a good music video, but it can’t be good enough that it would sway any real action by the government.

If you’re going to quote Maroon 5 here, Page, you could’ve easily referenced “She Will Be Loved” instead by saying, “Obama’s surveillance of me was so obvious, it was like they were tapping on my window and knocking on my door.”