The landing page banner image for Baron Davis’ ‘Black Santa Company’; Photo:

Former NBA All-Star Baron Davis is a Renaissance man. In addition to being a basketball savant (who can still play by the way), he is also a filmmaker, philanthropist and entrepreneur.

When he started the Black Santa Company in 2016 his mission was “to inspire the world by building diverse characters and telling contemporary stories that reflect the cultural change and future we want to build for ourselves and the next generations to come.”

Davis’ most recent gift to the world is the gift of not having to listen to crappy holiday music this Christmas.

Thanks to some well connected friends, Davis released an official holiday mixtape called Black Santa Winter Wonderland. The mixtape is 15 songs deep and features guest appearances by Professor the Penguin, The Three Snowmen, and The Sleigh Dogs.

“I want to create resolution and inclusion, so I created Black Santa because his eyes see no color,” Davis said in an interview with Billboard. “The culture is the diversity.”

It’s “Cold Out Here” by Chilly the Polar Bear captures the mood of the album. It starts with music box melodies and sleigh bells, both tokens in holiday music. Then the beat slams in and Chilly proceeds to deliver the goods, laying it down like a Big Poppa Polar Bear: [LISTEN]

I ain’t got no hoe hoe hoes
Just ho ho hos and my vatos
‘Cause it’s cold where I’m from
And it’s cold where I go

Each song touches upon at least one holiday theme, and the festivities won’t stop there. Davis plans on releasing more holiday themed mixtapes. “This Christmas mixtape will be an annual thing, but the goal is to release different projects throughout the year around multiple holidays and heritage weeks,” Davis told Billboard.

“Giving is not just a Christmas thing, giving has no season. The Winter Wonderland Mixtape is the first mixtape of many. We have one for Valentine’s Day, we have one for the Fourth of July, and there’s going to be a variety of mixtapes and content for plenty of holidays.”

To keep the holiday spirit intact, Davis will donate a portion of the proceeds to various charities that support impoverished neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Davis was a legend on the court, but it appears that his best (and most important) work has yet to come.