Every Single Night:

Today in Fiona Apple comeback facts: the singer-songwriter breaks a seven-year single silence with “Every Single Night,” the lead-off number from forthcoming fourth effort The Idler Wheel…(June 19). An all at once tender and chaotic keys dance amidst the darker sides of her brain she so infamously fancies a diving in to, she’s been cunning about replicating the handwritten feel of the creative process, of which you can nerd out on over on her website, hopefully honing on on the verse about the “second skeleton.” ‘Cause it’s just a perfect twisted pop turn-of-phrase right there.

Lady GaGa Immunization Tactic #24:

Ward the suggestive pop star off with prayer. So it goes in South Korea, as a group of Christians attempt to prevent Lady GaGa‘s April 27 Born This Way Global tour stop in Seoul from happening. The reason: the Korean Media Rating Board’s age-restriction amp-up from 12 to 18. The Christian group’s follow-up reason: Korean youth could get “infected with homosexuality and pornography.” Age restrictions have been slapped on similar artists before in the country, but par for the Westernized course in regard to safeguarding minors from whatever it is the country wants to safeguard them from. Here in America, alcohol being the enemy. At any rate, the AFP caught some telling images of this story that they also broke, of which you can view second hand over at the Huffington Post.


No, holograms are not going to take over the world, as the internet seemed to virally think following Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg‘s resurrection of the late Tupac at Coachella over the last two weekends. Though still entertaining to follow Holopac and his exploits on Twitter, Dre has tried to hush the meme a bit by squashing any touring rumors of said 2-D fiasco in a backstage message to fans. Meanwhile, to make things even more entertaining, Suge Knight is on a Tupac’s-not-dead trip right now. In spite of this fad soon fading – we hope – there are a few industry heads still unfortunately itching to squawk about their what-if hologram revival ideas, as with Michael Jackson‘s brother, Jackie, and his Jackson 5 hopes. So what have you, reader, to hologram or not to hologram?

Stinking Of You:

In the aftermath of Hole‘s Eric Erlandson and his allusion to Kurt Cobain‘s potential White Album of unheard solo sessions, another bit of posthumous ephemera has surfaced. In parallel with Erlandson’s book, Letters to Kurt, director P. David Eversole’s documentary of Hole drummer Patty Schemel, Hit So Hard, that just hit theaters on April 20, has a wee duet of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain dubbed “Stinking of You,” with an acoustic home video montage of sorts, baby Fraces Bean and all. We’re in a full 90s rock nostalgia trip here, people. Keep it coming (via NME).