Andrew Trotter raps in his video for ’12-12-17′; Photo: Andrew Trotter/YouTube

Andrew Trotter of Jacksonville, Florida recently made a rap video in hopes of getting justice for the murder of his son, his son’s girlfriend and his granddaughter.

The video entitled “12-12-17” is the date that police officers discovered the bodies, and Trotter is hoping that it will help keep the crime circulating in the news so that the case doesn’t go cold. He ultimately wants the FBI to get involved because he feels that the local police are too overwhelmed with other homicides to devote the proper time to the case.

As reported by NewsJax4, Trotter is committed to seeking justice for his son, 20-year-old Quasean Trotter; his son’s fiancee, 19-year-old Ariyan Johnson; and the couple’s 11-month-old daughter, Arielle. “We’re definitely pulling for the FBI to take this case because we’re not going to rest,” said Trotter. “This family is a very resilient family. We’re not going to stop. We believe that we’re going to get justice sooner or later.”

The heart-wrenching video was shot outside the home where the crimes took place. Trotter details the events of that day and exactly how he got the news.

I’m almost home, now Brianna on the other line/She beeping and I pick it up and I can hear her screaming/My heart skipping beats, what the fuck is going on, I couldn’t understand a damn thing she trying to say/Then I heard her say, “daddy they killed Quasean, Ariyan and the baby. Man they all gone”

NewsJax4 did reach out to Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams about the violence and the need to bring in outside agencies. Sheriff Williams’ response was that they already have received aid. “The FBI is a great partner for us day in and day out, as is ATF and DEA,” he said. “There’s a lot of resources they bring to the table. We leverage those. FDLE is another partner. So we leverage those partnerships in this community every single day.”

According to NewsJax4, family members believe that “the killer is someone who knew the victims very well.” Trotter and his family hope that “12-12-17” will help bring light to the case and that justice will eventually be served.