SImple enough command from the Chicago ‘burbian-cum-pop rock figurines. Fall Out Boy‘s first record since their psuedo-breakup in 2010, Save Rock and Roll, is now streaming ahead of its April 16 drop date, appended with every lyric from the 11-track opus and followed by words from an unnamed bandmember or publicist: “Here are the lyrics, learn the words and sing along at our upcoming shows.” Will they save rock and roll? Will you go to a show in your city of choice and sing along? Did burning their record oeuvre past in effigy give them new life? Will these 22 people‘s heads explode with joy? Elton John seems to think so. And thus, your course of action is equally simple as the band’s initial command – defend the faith, go down swinging and save rock and/or roll:

I will defend the faith
Going down swinging
I will save the songs
The songs we’re singing