There have been genius originals, shocking tweaked rally plugs and baffling playlists that haven’t dived into favorite turn-of-phrases, but the day to vote for the new leader of the Free World has come. And the staff here at SONGLYRICS, seeing as we take our lyrics comically seriously, and unlike certain contending VPs, we actually listen to lyrics, we got to ascribing 10 sentiments just perfect for humming in your head while trapped in one of those claustrophobic polling booths deciding the future of the next four years. Or conversely, from afar, just not giving a damn, like the Celtic folk-punk ambivalence of Bob Geldof‘s poke at all y’all non-voters. Either way, God bless music and American politics, may you suits always entertain us.

Bob Geldof – ‘Great Song of Indifference‘ [LISTEN]

For those not paying much attention, Ireland’s angriest man appears to have done a complete U-Turn on his whole saintly ‘give me your fucking money’ routine. But of course he’s being ironic. A deceptively bitter attack on those who disregard anything that doesn’t impact their immediate inner circle, this jaunty Celtic folk jig could be easily be adopted as the official soundtrack by some of the reported 90 million eligible citizens who won’t be making the trip to the polling booth tomorrow. – J.O.

I don’t mind if the government falls
Implements more futile laws
I don’t care if the nation stalls
And I don’t care at all

Leonard Cohen – ‘Democracy‘ [LISTEN]

Leonard Cohen may claim that he is “neither left or right,” but based on this explicit ode to democracy, it is almost indisputable whose name the Canadian crooner would be scribbling a cross beside on Tuesday, had he been born south of America’s hat. But now the time has come for YOU to wield your “machinery for change” and to choose between Obama and Romney, or should I say, “the cradle of the best and of the worst.” Sail on… –  J.G.

It’s coming to America first
The cradle of the best and of the worst

TLC – ‘Waterfalls‘ [LISTEN]

This is the theme for third-party voters. Yes, the US two-party system is flawed, but the problem is that these guys don’t have the disgusting amount of monetary support the others have; you’re “moving too fast.” One election can’t end the two-party tyranny, so ignoring the “corporate whores” on Nov. 6 is like believing in the Tooth Fairy as a functioning adult. As attractive as Jill Stein or Gary Johnson may be, for an election as important as this one, remember – “don’t go chasing waterfalls.” – K.F.

I know that you’re gonna have it your way or nothing at all
But I think you’re moving too fast

Eric B. & Rakim – ‘Eric B. is President‘ [LISTEN]

Choosing between two politicians can be like choosing between a shot to the gut or a shot to the head—one may seem better than the other, but in the end they’re both pretty bad. So when Eric B. and Rakim came together to make “Eric B. Is President” it was clear, at least in the hip-hop sphere, who the rulers really were. Eric B. & Rakim dominated competition, and went on to become one of the most influential rap groups of all time – clear cut leaders for what would later be dubbed the golden era. – J.M.

Eric B. is on the cut and my name is Rakim, nasty

Hella – ‘The Things That People Do When They Think No One’s Looking‘ [LISTEN]

This song perfectly utilizes Zach Hill’s frantic drumming to promote the vibe of uneasiness, and I could wax poetic about that, but instead let’s relate it to 2012 politics; I cannot get over how much the title relates to Mitt Romney’s now-internet-ancient “47%” debacle. To Mitt, “burning bridges never felt so right.” Plus, the rest reminds us of the ridiculous scorn we heap on scientific facts (say, evolution or global warming). Well, to the GOP, “the earth is flat it is not round.” – K.F.

Money doesn’t make the world go ’round

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien – ‘Mistadobalina‘ [LISTEN]

This song is old enough to drink, and it samples other songs decades older than that, but its cheeky message fits today’s politics: Mr. Romney himself happens to be “Mistadobalina”. The featured lyric describes his past at Bain (and tax history), and both are described as avid flip-floppers. And tell me this isn’t how he’s treated the middle class this campaign (think “47%”): “When I say I saw ya tryin’ to mock me/Now you and your crew are on a mission tryin’ to hawk me.” Del’s got yo numba, R-Money. – K.F.

You really make me sick with ya fraudulent behavior
You’re gonna make me flip and then an army couldn’t save ya

JJ Doom – ‘Guv’Nor‘ [LISTEN]

There have been many governors who have gone on to become president; Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Bill Clinton to name a few. In this case Doom teams up with Jneiro Jarel to bulldoze their way into office. And it makes sense. Doom has all the characteristics of a politician, most notably the mask. Doomposters were a huge controversy last year, and to his credit all he did was take a page from our most cunning politicians, which is to say you just can’t take things at face value anymore. – J.M.

Who can knock the most dead birds out the sky
And then spread a lie
And then say he know why

Razorlight – ‘America‘ [LISTEN]

Perhaps a prescient reflection of the apathetic mood towards the US election by some sections of the UK public who are tired of being bombarded by ‘Breaking News’ reports every time Obama simply stops to tie his shoelaces. One-time indie-rock god, now pretty much a laughing stock, Johnny Borrell briefly struck gold with this simplistic chart-topping tale of disillusionment about America and the way it constantly pervades the British media, despite its lack of relevance to the average Joe. – J.O.

Theres nothing on the TV nothing on the radio
That means that much to me

Woody Guthrie – ‘This Land Is Your Land‘ [LISTEN]

America! Home of the Brave! Land of the Free! The Melting Pot and the Salad Bowl! Whatever you want to call it, just remember, dear reader, that it is YOUR land! Save for the 47% of Americans that Romney couldn’t care less about, that is… If you form part of this “freeloader” quota, prepare to find yourself shoulder to shoulder with Mr. Guthrie on the side of the sign that says “private property.” Is this land made for you and me? Should Romney get his way, I somehow doubt it. – J.G.

There was a big high wall there that tried to stop me
Sign was painted, it said private property
But on the back side it didn’t say nothing
This land was made for you and me

Rage Against The Machine – ‘Killing in the Name‘ [LISTEN]

Wielded in our first lyric-tracking of Obama and Romney’s first word-battle, this had us choking on our, well, very appropriate Rage so much, we had to include it again. How can you possibly ascribe a band so polar opposite to not only your political backbone, but to your entire party’s, and proceed to claim you don’t listen to lyrics. Tom Morello crafted an eloquent serving to GOP VP-elect Paul Ryan in a Rolling Stone op-ed, but nothing beats the cognizant whip of Zack de la Rocha on this verse from “Killing in the Name.” – G.P.

Some of those that wear forces
Are the same that burn crosses