Ed Sheeran, the English singer songwriter and Taylor Swift protégé, opened up 2017 by storm when he posted a charmingly homey clip to his Twitter holding a scribbled out sign that read, “New Music Coming Friday!!” and then put it in his mouth.

Following his past efforts of ‘+’ and ‘x’, respectively read as “plus” and “multiply,” Sheeran revealed his upcoming record to be titled ‘÷’ which we guess to read “divide.” Whether the full album is the new music that Sheeran promises to come out Friday, or whether the world will only be blessed by a lesser single is still unknown.

However, Sheeran has been cluing fans in to some of the lyrics from the new material through short clips on his Twitter. The first of these clips, released Tuesday, reads:

When I was six years old I broke my leg…

This quote was followed up on Wednesday with an additional lyric:

The club isn’t the best place to find a lover…

There is no evidence revealing that these quotes come from the same song or from different compositions. What is revealed is that ‘÷’ appears to be a more introspective work for Sheeran. The artist is recently coming back from a social media sabbatical, in which he took some time away from his phone in order to travel and see the world.

Amongst his wildly successful sold-out concerts at Wembley Stadium in 2015, he felt that he was spending too much time behind a screen and let’s face it, the fame was probably starting to overwhelm him. Maybe this record will reflect a step away from it all — the two lyrics are nostalgic and wistful and hint at a sincere album from a sensitive heart.

Unless more hints appear it’s nothing more than a guessing game for fans as they eagerly await Sheeran to make good on his promise.

New Ed Sheeran music will be dropping at 12am EST on January 6th.