The last time we heard from LL Cool J he was blowing up Grammy hosting duties, the award ceremony poaching the 44-year-old actor/rapper slice of 90s comeback culture for the 2013 ceremony. Which is right around the corner now, as the the Staples Center in LA dresses itself up for Sunday, February 12. Since then LL’s been up to all sorts of busy, fighting off intruders at his home, opening his hip-hop heart to Oprah about being abused as a kid, and of course the forthcoming release of his 13th LP, Authentic Hip-Hop, with such authenticity-sparkling titles like “Whaddup,” “Bartender Please,” and our personal favorite, “Take It,” of which he released as his first single. Bubble-beat gold-digging assault “Rachet” followed in October, and has its hilarious merits. But If you haven’t “let the bells jingling” or “let the champagne pop” yet, do yourself an R&B favor and listen to the “skin sticky, but no hickies” panty-dropper while LL gets his release date in official order. Or rather, straight from mama-said-sex-you-up’s mouth:

Sometimes I’ve got to give you the gift of missing me

For you to appreciate what you got

You know what I mean?