Jimmy Fallon brought back another edition of “Nonsense Karaoke” on The Tonight Show last night, this time throwing Dennis Leary and Molly Shannon to the lyric mad-lib wolves with gleeful butcherings of TLC‘s “Waterfalls,” and Def Leppard‘s “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” Shannon leading with a kooky change to the iconic CrazySexyCool slow-your-roll refrain:  

I throw back on Thursday with a picture of my hammer pants

Then I wink at Gonzo’s blue ass

Leary followed that up with a ‘wizard-squeezing’, ‘lizard-greeting’ swap of Joe Elliott’s now cliche bro-bar last-call drunken babble, completely drying up the sexual innuendo of its “hot, sticky, sweet” original hook with an assertion that the song’s protagonist is “Todd Ricky’s niece” that loves “petting geese.” His lamé disco ball suit in washed-up rockstar homage to his recent role on the FX series, Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, didn’t hurt the act.

Fallon closed the segment with a skewering of Ed Sheeren‘s “Thinking Out Loud,” unsurprisingly nailing both Sheeren’s diluted soft-rock tear-pandering wail about being in love ’til you’re 70 with a reminder of that time he “shaved [his] head like Mr. T,” while Shannon and Leary reprised their karaoke chops in the triumphant chorus:

Baby, we found bugs in Pee Wee’s car

More please. Plenty of more current low hanging fruit to smash with a giant Gallagher lyric mallet.