Though five months after its release and Deepak Chopra curiously feigning ignorance, the holistic medicine guru had a high-brow interpretation of YeezusHold My Liquor” when coyly asked on The Pete Holmes Show recently first if he knew he was in a Kanye West song – “Who is he?,” Chopra asks, “Is he a priest?” – followed by what he thought of the lyric in which West turns Chopra into a simile for the way he felt about pussy one cold October night: [LISTEN]

"Hold My Liquor"

Without skipping a beat, “DEEP-ak,” as he calls himself earlier in the interview on account of his summations of the life experience and Holmes’ “fucking-a” retort, drops a psychological explanation that hopefully will show up in a Kanye West tweet in a future near you, explaining West is clearly referring to Schrödinger’s cat, explaining that the quantum phycisit “spoke about the cat being dead and alive,” so “that’s [West’s] pussy.” Which is “also called complimentality,” Chopra added, dumbing it down for Holmes with a barrage of follow-up analogies: “A wave and a particle. Sacred and profane. Up and down. Hot and cold.”

How that explains what the sensation of feeling like Deepak Chopra feels like, though, still confounds us, aside from the parallel in “floating” and “dead.” Professor West? Can you take a break from ivy-league lecturing to add to this lyric conversation, please?

Kanye West – Hold My Liquor from LeakMaster on Vimeo.