Opposite Millennial David Bowie‘s decade-comback offering, “Where Are We Now?” in which we saw the Thin White Duke get his cryptic, existential slow jam on, crooning, “The moment you know, you know, you know,” this subsequent single tease from his 24th record, The Next Day (March 12), seems to favor fate, positing in the opening verse, “Stars are never sleeping/Dead ones and the living.” Paired with a hand-marked lyric sheet release and a beautiful Lynchian freakout of a video starring Tilda Swinton assuring a middle-aged, suburban husband version of Bowie they have a “nice life,” “The Stars (Are Out Tonight),” as it is known, does however bind around a self-reflective thread in what we’ve heard from the record thus far, the latter calling for its “stars” to “stick together.” Naturally, as the icon lives into his 66th year. Though cruising with rippling alt-rock guitars, there’s a theme twist – the stars, they’re also “dying for you:”

Here they are upon the stairs
Sexless and not aware
They are the stars, they’re dying for you
But I hope they live forever