A crop of a one of myriad visual representations of the addictions.com drug-genre study; Photo: addictions.com

For many, rap music and drugs are synonymous; Devin the Dude, Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill among many others have all built empires upon their illicit drug use. As a result some critics have unfairly canonized rap, and while it may hold some truth the folks over at addictions.com have data that proves otherwise.

Using information collected from Songmeanings’ API, researchers from addictions.com have discovered that of all the major musical genres, rap is last in terms of drug references; country leads the way followed by jazz, pop, electronic, rock and folk. Researchers reached this surprising conclusion by scanning 1.41 million songs for key words, and placing them into one of seven categories: pills, heroin, marijuana, LSD, cocaine, ecstasy and meth.

Addictions.com also breaks down the data into multiple subcategories including, ‘Which Drug is Mentioned Most’, ‘Top All-Time Druggie Artists’, and ‘Which Drugs and Genres Go Together’.

The data may have cleared rap to some degree but not completely. As a whole rap has the least drug mentions, but as far as individual artists go rappers take top billing. The individual artists who mention drugs the most include Kottonmouth Kings, Eminem, The Game, Lil Wayne and Jay-Z to name a few.

The research wasn’t compiled exclusively for rap’s sake, but rather to understand how music and drugs relate to one another. Addictions.com hopes that the research will help struggling addicts chart their own path to understanding and subsequently get one step closer to recovery.

To that end, here’s Johnny Cash singing about cocaine to a bunch of prisoners, followed by a couple more enlightening graphs from addictions.com: