As the first Chicago Public School district teachers strike for the first time in 25 years continues on into its fifth day here with a tentative deal in sight, we’re feeling a lack of protest tuneage on the streets. Teachers have been sound-truck blasting Bob Marley‘s cunningly chill “Get Up, Stand Up,” and conversely, Public Enemy‘s riotous “Fight the Power.” Good call, valiant shapers of the city’s 350,000 young minds. But bureaucratic fussin’ and a feudin’ is just one side of the educational sonic picture. It could be worse, people. Students could be on strike. Some kid could bring a gun to school. Or God forbid, Mayor Rahm Emanuel could like Nickelback. So go the lyrics we could be vicariously jamming:

The Ramones – ‘Rock N’ Roll High School:’

I just wanna have some kicks/I just wanna get some chicks

There has to be a legion of windy city high school kids that could give two shits about charter schools and teacher evaluations. And especially principals’ power mongering. Thus is why we have man created the power chord and The Ramones. To high school, and sweet, invincible teenage rock n’ roll dreams. [LISTEN]

Chuck Berry – ‘School Days:’ 

Drop the coin right into the slot/You’ve gotta hear somethin’ that’s really hot

Another teenage homage to life after the afternoon bell, teachers, union, Rahm-nation, think of the rebellious spirits you’re crushing with “American history and practical math,” and take a fleeting moment to think about how you can bring rock back to the classroom. [LISTEN]

Pearl Jam – ‘Jeremy:’ 

But we unleashed a lion/Gnashed his teeth and bit the recess lady’s breast

On the flip-side, take solstice in the fact that the issues being squabbled over right now are not that of the baseline safety and mental health of our nation’s youth, where fear trumps knowledge. Consider this a window into the world the classroom would be without you, dear educational leaders. [LISTEN]

Pink Floyd – ‘Another Brick in the Wall:’ 

We don’t need no education/We don’t need no thought control

Or, y’all could be rigid British bastards that “hurt the children anyway they could” creating a generation of pod people. Do you want that Rahm? Teachers? How could you have any meat if you don’t eat your pudding! Always think of the kids here, on the receiving end of this entire week of negotiations. [LISTEN]

Nickelback – ‘How You Remind Me:’ 

These five words in my head/Scream ‘are we having fun yet?’

And of course this one’s for you, Rahm, you Nickelback-loving doofus. You may tell reps to denounce your love, but we know you’re secretly devil-signing your four-and-a-half finger nub in your office mongering plans give principals complete, ridiculous dictator power over their schools. [LISTEN]