Cole Beasley in his Dallas Cowboy uniform (left), the album art for Beasley’s new single ’80 Stings’; Photo: AP/Bill Wippert/YouTube/Cold Nation Records

Dallas Cowboy wide receiver Cole Beasley recently announced a collaboration with Victor “Phazz” Clark to create a new record label called Cold Nation Records. As part of the announcement Beasley (who caught 36 balls for 314 yards and four touchdowns in 2017), released his debut rap single “80 Stings.”

“Music has been a passion of mine for quite some time now,” Beasley said in the press release. “It started as a kid in high school, in a car with my friends rapping for fun. In college I purchased a program called Studio One with money from a stipend check. That is when I started writing my own music.”

Beasley goes on to explain that despite his new venture his passion for football will not change. The single itself isn’t bad considering how many athletes have tried (and failed) to crossover to music. The beat is rooted in contemporary sounds with chippy hi-hats and minimal melodies, and Beasley addresses several topics including his love for family, his rise from obscurity and of course football: [LISTEN]

Highlights include:

Making moves like food trucks
Getting to the bread till it’s chewed up
And my bank account looks juiced up


While I suit up
White and blued up
Silver shoes stuck
Get loose up

And no Cowboy turned rapper can resist a nod to the bossman Jerry Jones:

I’m bossed out by Sunday
Jerry’s bossing out when I ball out
I’m a dawg when Dak get the ball out

In six seasons with the Cowboys, Beasley has 254 catches for 2,599 yards and 20 touchdowns. Not bad for an undrafted free agent, and now that he’s settled with a fat contract and his family is taken care of he’ll carry on the tradition of athletes moonlighting as rappers. Not the first time it’s happened and definitely not the last.

Listen to “80 Stings” below, followed by Cole Beasley’s full press release he dropped on Twitter.