Because double and triple album drops are all the rage these days, here we are with another double-sided attack from the prog-rock sub-sector via upstate new york dudes Coheed and Cambria. The idea of the project, respectively dubbed The Afterman: Ascension (October 9) and The Afterman: Descension (February 2013), following the nerd-rock tales of a character named Sirius Armory amidst the Amory Wars storyline, being common knowledge, we wanted to underscore attention to this lyric in the lead single before your concept-album mind gets blown:

Reality settles as the memories raced
While on the screen he lived
She teared: ‘Your selfishness has robbed you
Of the man you could’ve been
I wouldn’t  change a thing about you
I love you dearly, my friend’

Taken from the title track, It’s actually a sad story, put into a friend’s death context, and the intranets’ penchant for shock, as Rolling Stone points out. Coheed laced the sentiment into the Amory Wars on the sly, but it’s a perfect allegory for the critical thought they put into the jam, perfectly approachable even if you could give two you know whats about a dude named Sirius Armory. To which we declare appropriate excitement for something mainstream rock is yearning for right now. Meanwhile, be on the lookout for our track-by-track RIFF analysis come drop day, October 9, and get to previewing the official lyric video: