Continuing epically on, as promised back on part one of this prog-rock nerd dream of a double album, The Afterman: Ascension, Coheed and Cambria have teased another single from part two The Afterman: Descension (February 5) dubbed “Number City.” Tied nice and tight around their Amory Wars saga so involved with characters and alternate universes Mark Whalberg’s budding production house Leverage Productions picked it up to turn it into a film, “My Numbers” on the surface narrates a Muse-crunchy emergency room situation with a dude on a defibrillator:

Attention we have got a medical emergency

The patient’s condition is critical and fading

Oh, I’ve got this under control, but this is no guarantee

Now should you question this professional opinion

It’s time we’ll spend wasting

Though as a good Coheed fan knows, the lead singer and songwriter Claudio Sanchez is a fan of metaphor, as well, and soon enough hearts are getting moved about and the strings of love and humanity give it depth. Could maybe do without the cheesy-ska horn fills halfway in and the Alien Ant Farm vocal strains. But we are thoroughly impressed with a band that can lace tension in sci-fi rock form around a place called “Number City.” Or should this be a job for Whalberg?

And oh, if you wanted to see

Go on and tear it out of me

Believe in Number City