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The Olympic Opening Ceremonies: The Music Performances

The artistic director of the London 2012 Olympics, the auteur Danny Boyle, recently unveiled his decidedly pastoral plans for the event’s opening ceremony on July 27th. It was also let slip that Britain’s biggest musical export, […]

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The Worst Super Bowl Halftime Shows, Ever!

From its humble marching band beginnings, to the tacky multimedia spectacles of the 80s, to 1993’s simply revolutionary performance by Michael Jackson, the Super Bowl’s halftime show has changed dramatically over the years. On Sunday […]

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Five Albums You Need To Hear This January

2011 was a strong year for music, a year which simultaneously lavished us on exciting new musicians, while hailing the almighty return of more established artists (in case you haven’t already, you can check out […]

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Upcoming News: Pitchfork Music Festival Paris

Since its humble beginnings in 2006, the annual Pitchfork Music Festival has flowered into one of the States’ best events for showcasing the latest and greatest in alternative music. Organized by indie’s spearheaded internet backbone, […]

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Upcoming News: Halloween Festivals You Must Check Out This October

When we think of festivals, we think of warm sun rays stroking our roasting shoulders while we stand wedged between the sticky, sizzling throes of a well-moshed crowd. Still, why should music festivals be limited […]

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Upcoming News: Exciting Rock Autobiographies

The closest the majority of us will come to the scandalous lifestyle of sex, drugs and rock and roll is via the pages of a juicy autobiography, and this 2011, we have been treated to […]

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Upcoming News: September 24 – Nirvana, Radiohead, and Newsmen! Oh, My!

What are you doing this September 24th?  A few notable things will be taking place on this date and it’s our job at SongLyrics to make you aware of just a few of them. First: […]

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