Spotlight: Angel Olsen

Plucked by Will Oldham to be part of the iconic folkie’s backing band, The Cairo Gang, Chicago singer-songwriter darling Angel Olsen‘s tales of wombs, tiny seeds and the universe got a whole lot more existential […]

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Spotlight: Reignwolf

  If you haven’t heard of this burgeoning Saskatoon-born, Seattle-bred bluesman, here’s your chance to catch up on his well-earned hype. Jordan Cook, aka Reignwolf, specializes in high-octane blues rock, often starting his set alone with a […]

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Spotlight: Sinkane

28-year-old Ahmed Gallab, aka Sinkane, is known by many as a musical prodigy – the multi-instrumentalist has played alongside and toured extensively with veteran rockers Yesayer, Of Montreal, and Caribou. Sinkane’s debut solo album Mars has […]

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Spotlight: Chicago Hip Hop

The all-mighty internet is all abuzz with young Chicago MCs–YouTube videos are racking up views, blogs dig for new tracks, and the record deals are starting to reach the city’s south and west side ‘hoods. […]

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Spotlight: Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar‘s acclaimed mixtape, Section.80, opens with a song that sets him apart from other young MCs: Matter of fact, don’t mistake me for no fuckin’ rapper They sit backstage and hide behind the fuckin’ […]

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Spotlight: Patrick Watson

“Patrick Watson” is somewhat of a möbius strip. The name refers to: 1) the man, singer-songwriter Patrick Watson from Montreal, Quebec who formed 2) the eponymous band. Note that the former is not the “Patrick […]

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Spotlight: The Itchy Hearts

The Itchy Hearts are a down home, garage rock band from Brooklyn with heavy country and folk overtones that has yet to outgrow its Virginian roots. Led by Andy Cobb, the band has released three […]

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A$AP Rocky

Spotlight: A$AP Rocky

It’s hard to go under the radar when you’ve signed a $3 million record deal. But when that deal comes before you’ve even released a mixed-tape, it’s a different story. Twenty-three year old A$AP Rocky […]

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Spotlight: Willis Earl Beal

Willis Earl Beal is not the typical up-and-coming artist. Though Pitchfork may be interviewing him and though he may be touring with SBTRKT and though he may now be signed to Hot Charity – an XL imprint – […]

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Spotlight: Alabama Shakes

A great man once said that, “[in rock ‘n’ roll] you need that ever-present now, that is part of grabbing life by the horns …[it’s what] people come to rock shows for. But there’s also […]

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