The Music of Wes Anderson’s Cinematic World

American filmmaker Wes Anderson traffics in his own special brand of  film making. He creates movies that are often enigmatic, deeply affecting, but also carry the aura of not being of this world. They are […]

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“Glee” Takes on Young the Giant

Sometimes, when the right forces collide and are intertwined at the right place and time, really wonderful things come to life. Last week on TV’s “Glee”, the cast played out a highly emotional scene to […]

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Spotlight: Trent Reznor and Music from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

The internet was a buzz when a full-length version of Trent Reznor‘s gritty, soul-shaking cover of “Immigrant Song“, featuring Yeah Yeah Yeahs vocalist Karen O, dropped. We had already been given a taste of this […]

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Going Home for the Holidays: A Musical Survival Guide

This is the time of year when the calendar is suddenly jam-packed with holidays. For many of us, that means returning home to spend a bit of that time with the whole fam-damn-ly. Of course […]

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Thanksgiving: A Musical Survival Guide

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many of you are probably finalizing plans to join your family on that lovely day of turkey. And as joyful as such a family gathering may be, it almost […]

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Spotlight: “A Real Hero” by College (Featuring Electric Youth)

I first heard the song “A Real Hero” when I saw the Ryan Gosling film Drive back in September. The song was featured multiple times in the film and rounds out what is truly a gorgeous soundtrack. […]

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Most Well-Known Song Lyrics

What are the 15 songs with the most well-known lyrics? I’m glad you asked! Otherwise I wouldn’t be here. Below, I have made a list of 15 songs to which I believe ALL (or at […]

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Top 10 Weirdest Music Collaborations

In honor of the recent Lou Reed and Metallica (Loutallica) despicable duet album, LuLu, SongLyrics is taking a look back over ten other weird music collaborations to have invaded our poor, poor ears. Get ready to […]

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Most Romantic Songs

Victor Hugo once said that, “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent” and who am I to argue with a literary legend—especially a French one? Besides, […]

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Vampire Weekend

Spotlight: Indie Artists You Should Know

Indie is a genre that floats between punk, rock, electro, and pop. Each band is distinctive, even though some sound very much alike. Below is a list of some of the most popular and influential […]

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