Listing: 5 Lyrical Leaps from Adrian Younge’s ‘Something About April II’

Adrian Younge is one of the most well respected producers in the underground soul scene; he’s worked with marquee names like Ghostface Killah, Souls of Mischief and the Delfonics. His biggest challenge, however, has not been popularity. […]

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RIFF’d: Gary Clark Jr.’s ‘The Story of Sonny Boy Slim’

Gary Clark Jr. is not going to let us just label him ‘that guy from Austin who’s really, really good at guitar’. Or, alternately ‘that black guy from Austin…’, since bluesy guitar work has become a […]

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RIFF’d: Bilal’s ‘In Another Life’

Bilal has never been one to sit still for too long; he’s a stylistic chameleon that changes perspective regularly. Each album in his 15-year career has been different than the other, In Another Life, the NYC […]

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leon-bridges copyFEATURE

RIFF’d: Leon Bridges’ ‘Coming Home’

Leon Bridges, 25, is a true talent, a voice so golden that to deny it would be to deny a gift from above. His style is rich and warm and his debut Coming Home is […]

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Percy Sledge, and the Magic of Honesty

Even if you’re not familiar with legendary soul singer Percy Sledge, there’s a good chance you’ve heard his music before, whether it be in film or on the radio or blaring out the window on […]

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RIFF’d: Father John Misty’s ‘I Love You, Honeybear’

Once Josh Tillman dubbed himself Father John Misty and took to strutting across the stage of Letterman as the “Only Son of the Ladies’ Man,” it was clear the man didn’t want to be separated […]

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Bob Dylan Honored in 960-Page Lyric Tome

Greatness never dies and for the few who’ve transcended pop culture the way Bob Dylan has the love just gets more decadent over time. After 50 years his narrative continues to write itself with a slew […]

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Keep it Dirty: A 5-Piece 1-Finger Salute to the Dis Track

There are few things out there more grossly entertaining than feuding musicians, the extent in which they’ll go to ridicule one another knowing no end. It’s great theater that – unless your name is 50 Cent […]

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RIFF’d: Prince & 3rdeyegirl’s ‘Plectrumelectrum’

As an aging megastar, Prince is taking measured steps towards a new phase in his professional life. Plectrumelectrum is him acting as player-coach, familiarizing himself as a behind-the-scenes guy while still being able to break ankles on the court, a […]

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Cover Me Bad: Separating Homage from Amateur Hour

If you happened to miss Miley Cyrus‘ cover of Led Zeppelin‘s”Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” or better yet Willow Smith‘s rendition of King Krule‘s “Easy Easy” consider yourself lucky. Both, while a departure from their usual antics, are […]

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