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RIFF’d: Perfume Genius’ ‘No Shape’

Perfume Genius‘ fourth studio album No Shape represents a bold move forward. Mike Hadreas takes listeners down a path of self-discovery; courageously opening his inner sanctum for the sake of honest art. He openly discusses his […]

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RIFF’d: Gorillaz’ ‘Humanz’

The Gorillaz‘ long awaited album Humanz is a smorgasbord of sizzling emotions, provocative questions and hopeful ideals. On one hand you have songs that openly challenge political authorities and on the other you have abstract mysteries that […]

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Data Shows That of All the Major Genres Rap Music Mentions Drugs the Least

A crop of a one of myriad visual representations of the addictions.com drug-genre study; Photo: addictions.com For many, rap music and drugs are synonymous; Devin the Dude, Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill among many others […]

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George Harrison’s Widow Gifts Handwritten Lyrics ‘Hey Ringo’ to Namesake Ringo Starr

A crop of the cover for the extended edition of Harrison’s autobiography, ‘I Me Mine’; Photo: Genesis Publications George Harrison flew under the radar as the “quiet one” of the four during his time in […]

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Morrissey Just Started Selling ‘Black is How I Feel on the Inside’ T-Shirts

Morrissey’s latest merch hawk brandishing a Smiths lyric aside an image of civil rights activist James Baldwin; Photo: True-to-You.net (left)/Wendy Redfern (right) The former The Smiths singer Morrissey has played on the edge of lovably […]

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RIFF’d: The Shins’ ‘Heartworms’

The Shins aren’t the type to rush inspiration, and for their fifth studio album Heartworms they take essentially the same approach; slowly crafting a narrative that says a lot without revealing too much. The biggest […]

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Mickey D’s Themed Mac Sabbath Drop First Official Recording, Coloring Book, Plot Tour

Black Sabbath-McDonald’s parody metal band, Mac Sabbath, in their appropriated element; Photo: Paul Koudounaris via LA Weekly The world of metal can be a dark and brutal place — worshiping Satan and corpse paint go hand in hand […]

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RIFF’d: Grandaddy’s ‘Last Place’

In an attempt to make amends for a longstanding hiatus, Grandaddy return with their revealing fifth studio album Last Place. It is the California-based outfit’s attempt to rewrite a chapter in their catalog, but this […]

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New alt-J Combacker Single ‘3WW’ Reveals a More Contemplative Side

The new music video for alt-J‘s “3WW,” featuring animation by Mario Epsley/Keepitvisual; Photo: YouTube The British indie-rockers alt-J are back for the first time since their extended hiatus began at the end of “This is All […]

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The Philosophical Musings of Brad Paisley on the Meanings of Lyrics

Brad Paisley serenades a setting sun in the official video for ‘Love and War’ single “Today;” Photo: YouTube/Vevo Big country music has been known to vibe feel-good swing with lyrics congratulating the simple life these days. So it would be unlikely […]

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