Streetside: Melvins at the Showbox in Seattle; October 18, 2014

Melvins are one of the best sludge-stoner metal bands of all time and arguably the first. Of course, that’s not exactly the most lucrative genre, unless you speed it up to midtempo radio format, slap […]

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Streetside: Converge at Seattle’s ‘Rain Fest’; May 23, 2014

It’s Memorial Day weekend in Washington state: all the Pitchfork-hip bands are at the Gorge for the state’s mini-Coachella, Sasquatch!, and the underage kids flirting with hippie culture are at the free Folklife Festival. For those who […]

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The Faint - 'Doom Abuse'

RIFF’d: The Faint’s ‘Doom Abuse’

The Faint are probably best known as “that band that Conor Oberst was in briefly once upon a time.” Their second claim to fame is as average participants in indie-dance’s time shared in the spotlight […]

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Josh Holland of Dog Shredder, courtesy of Kyu Han

Streetside: Dog Shredder Rips, Blinds an Intimate Affair at Seattle’s Sunset Tavern; August 22

Seattle’s bar scene – particularly in the faux-folksy Ballard neighborhood – doesn’t exactly scream “metal,” so it’s puzzling that aggressive acts, especially out-of-towners, always flock to the Sunset Tavern. The dim, red hue of the […]

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Spotlight: Dog Shredder

Bellingham, WA trio Dog Shredder was born from two ideas, both stemming from “late-night conversations over cheap beer.” First, the comically-brutal moniker (relax, PETA) originally represented an imaginary band that would “have to rip,” the band […]

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Mudhoney; Photo: Karl Ernest

Streetside: Sub Pop Turns 25 in Seattle; July 13

Sub Pop Records can now legally rent a car. By some accounts, the label is actually 27 years old, but this free, block-party-style festival dubbed the ‘Silver Jubilee‘ officially marked 25 years for the brand that […]

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Listing: 5 Weathered Lyrics from Iggy and The Stooges’ ‘Ready to Die’

If helping to invent both punk rock and stage diving while publicly rolling in peanut-butter-coated shards of glass for years doesn’t put some lines on your face (and chest), then a former nasty heroin habit […]

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Alkaline Trio - My Shame is True

Listing: 5 Lackluster Lyrics from Alkaline Trio’s ‘My Shame is True’

Alkaline Trio has always been on the outskirts of the post-hardcore/emo/pop-punk scene. While their Jimmy Eat World-ly 2003 breakthrough Good Mourning hit heavy radio rotation, and the lovesick heroin metaphor This Addiction topped US charts, […]

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Listing: The Strokes’ ‘Comedown Machine’ in 5 Redeeming Lyrics

The Strokes have always been privileged, confused young men, muddled in ambivalence and a healthy dose of the fuck-its. It’s what made their 2001 debut so very special – a breed of nonchalant NYC punk […]

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Spotlight: California X

“Lush and loud, but down to earth.” This is how Lemmy Gurtowsky describes his band, California X – the sludge-boppers who have spent the best part of 2013 tearing down “guitar music is dead” naysayers, […]

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