RIFF’d: Pitbull’s ‘Globalization’

We should be thankful that an artist like Pitbull and an album like Globalization exists, otherwise we might forget about the ruse going on all around us, the force-feeding of homogenized, genetically modified hot garbage to […]

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Chris Brown Puts Tupac Lyrics on His Lambo

The mere mention of Chris Brown‘s name is enough to rile even the most indifferent critic. You either love him or hate him – very little room for anything else. He’s many things: a wife beater, a […]

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Taylor Swift (Screengrab)

A Lyric Generator for Whatever Taylor Swift Mood Ails You

Taylor Swift is a pop grenade, pull the pin and hurl her likeness at anything and watch it blow. Whether you’re a fan or not doesn’t matter, the shrapnel will reach you regardless. And it doesn’t […]

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RIFF’d: Damien Rice’s ‘My Favourite Faded Fantasy’

Damien Rice has been gone quite some time. Even when he was around, he never hit the household-name status of his contemporaries, but like every respectable singer-songwriter, all it takes is a big breakup to […]

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Rhyme Nor Reason: Iggy Azalea

Introducing ‘Rhyme nor Reason’ – a SONGLYRICS’ look at lyricists that make us want to jam a pencil in our brain. Or as a man named Shakespeare once wrote: ‘Was there ever any man thus beaten out […]

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RIFF’d: T.I.’s ‘Paperwork: The Motion Picture’

T.I.‘s ninth studio album, Paper Work: The Motion Picture, marks an important turning point in the 34-year-old rapper’s career – a goodbye to Atlantic, who he had been with for ten years to start anew with Columbia, teaming […]

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NYC Artist Mines Lyric Data to Build Grills

Even the most cursory rap fan knows that a shiny, ice cold grill is something to behold. It screams decadence, loud with a bullhorn, from the mountain tops and without shame. Method Man had one, […]

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Bob Dylan Honored in 960-Page Lyric Tome

Greatness never dies and for the few who’ve transcended pop culture the way Bob Dylan has the love just gets more decadent over time. After 50 years his narrative continues to write itself with a slew […]

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Another Book About Beatles Lyrics

Beatles fans rejoice, yet another book has hit shelves celebrating the immortality of the illustrious Fab Five. There’s certainly no shortage of them out there – many that rehash the same stories over and over again […]

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RIFF’d: Prince’s ‘Art Official Age’

This is the album that Prince fans were waiting for, a sonic excursion that rips through generations of time, soul-strutting from one galaxy to the next with every piercing falsetto and strum of the guitar. Art Official […]

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