Data Shows That of All the Major Genres Rap Music Mentions Drugs the Least

A crop of a one of myriad visual representations of the addictions.com drug-genre study; Photo: addictions.com For many, rap music and drugs are synonymous; Devin the Dude, Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill among many others […]

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RIFF’d: Mr. Mitch’s ‘Devout’

Mr. Mitch‘s Devout is precisely what the title suggests, a revelatory project that encapsulates his core values. He closely analyzes love, family and fatherhood; embracing the many challenges that have come with unwavering dedication. For the […]

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RIFF’d: Jamiroquai’s ‘Automaton’

After a seven-year hiatus Jamiroquai is back, but instead of bringing something fresh to the table he’s serving up bland, featureless emotions; like an egg, smooth but with no distinguishable characteristics. As one of the most […]

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rickross copy

RIFF’d: Rick Ross’ ‘Rather You Than Me’

With his ninth effort, Rather You Than Me, Rick Ross has revealed yet another telling chapter in his growing legacy. After several health scares, some of which put his life at serious risk, he adopted a […]

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BBC Cuts Lady Gaga LGBTQ Lyric, Fans Outraged

Actors perform an edited version of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” on the BBC program, Let’s Sing & Dance For Comic Relief; Photo: BBC/YouTube BBC One has come under fire recently for its omission of lyrics from […]

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RIFF’d: The Shins’ ‘Heartworms’

The Shins aren’t the type to rush inspiration, and for their fifth studio album Heartworms they take essentially the same approach; slowly crafting a narrative that says a lot without revealing too much. The biggest […]

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RIFF’d: Grandaddy’s ‘Last Place’

In an attempt to make amends for a longstanding hiatus, Grandaddy return with their revealing fifth studio album Last Place. It is the California-based outfit’s attempt to rewrite a chapter in their catalog, but this […]

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RIFF’d: Dirty Projectors’ ‘Dirty Projectors’

After a five-year hiatus, the Dirty Projectors return with their most heartbreaking album yet. There is no mincing words on their self-titled project, it is a self-analytical piece inspired exclusively by the break-up and recovery process. […]

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Celebrating Songwriters Hall of Fame Nod, Jay-Z Curates a Playlist Featuring His Picks for Future Inductees

The cover art for Jay-Z’s Tidal playlist, “Songwriting Hall of Fame,” taken from a recreation of the iconic Art Kane jazz greats photograph, “A Great Day in Harlem,” commissioned for XXL magazine with a who’s who of […]

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RIFF’d: Jens Lekmen’s ‘Life Will See You Now’

Jens Lekman‘s fourth studio album Life Will See You Now is a lesson in humility. He’s an atypical pop star, and isn’t afraid to be as odd and vulnerable as he wants to be. It’s a […]

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