BBC Cuts Lady Gaga LGBTQ Lyric, Fans Outraged

Actors perform an edited version of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” on the BBC program, Let’s Sing & Dance For Comic Relief; Photo: BBC/YouTube BBC One has come under fire recently for its omission of lyrics from […]

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Lyricapsule: Ringo Starr Drops ‘Back Off Boogaloo’; March 20, 1972

Testament to Ringo‘s ability to bring something to the solo table, kooky blues jam, “Back Off Boogaloo,” dropped on this day in 1972 quickly became notorious for its supposed cryptic skewerings of fellow Beatle, Paul […]

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Best Lyric Vids of the Week: Volume‎ XI

Neil Young calls it like he’s been seeing it since Mother Nature began to be on the run, a Christian husband-and-wife duo take on the Syrian refugee crisis, Blink-182 pay homage to suburbia and more […]

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Canadian Politician Who Used Beyoncé Lyrics Accused of ‘Culture Appropriation’ By Black Lives Matter

Niki Ashton’s campaign ad (left), Ashton (right); Photo: Twitter/Canadian Press Niki Ashton, a left-wing politician from Canada, recently removed an ad from Twitter that used Beyoncé’s lyrics “to the left” from the song “Irreplaceable” after […]

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Dallas Record Shop Hosts ‘Hip-Hop Book Club’

A digital flier for the inaugural ‘Hip-Hop Book Club'(left) aside crate-diggers at Josey Records in Dallas, Texas (right); Photo: Facebook/Josey Records In the age of reddit AMA’s and internet everything, including yes, our hypocritical selves coming […]

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Morrissey Just Started Selling ‘Black is How I Feel on the Inside’ T-Shirts

Morrissey’s latest merch hawk brandishing a Smiths lyric aside an image of civil rights activist James Baldwin; Photo: True-to-You.net (left)/Wendy Redfern (right) The former The Smiths singer Morrissey has played on the edge of lovably […]

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‘Honest Trailers’ Takes on ‘Beauty and the Beast’, Hilarity Ensues

A screenshot from Screen Junkies’ ‘Honest Trailers’ spin on Disney’s 1991 animate classic, ‘Beauty and the Beast’; Photo: YouTube/Disney/Screen Junkies Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is being graced with a live-action remake starring Emma Watson and Dan […]

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RIFF’d: The Shins’ ‘Heartworms’

The Shins aren’t the type to rush inspiration, and for their fifth studio album Heartworms they take essentially the same approach; slowly crafting a narrative that says a lot without revealing too much. The biggest […]

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UK Researchers Start Hip Hop Program to Raise Mental Health Awareness

The logo for ‘Hip Hop Psych’ and a Akeem Sule, MD dropping mental health hip-hop knowledge on the program’s YouTube channel; Photo: Hip Hop Psych/YouTube  Akeem Sule, MD and Becky Inkster, DPhil, two researchers associated […]

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Lyricapsule: Tupac Tops Charts Behind Bars; March 14, 1995

The cover art for Tupac’s ‘Me Against the World’; Photo: Interscope Incarcerated for sexually assaulting a fan in November of 1993, this day in March of 1994 saw the drop of Tupac‘s third album, Me […]

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