All Eyez on East: The Great Hip-Hop Color Question and Asian-Americans’ Place in It

Let’s be real, we do not live in a post-racial world. And to fool yourself into thinking we do is to embrace myopia at its most debilitating – not to mention the quickest – way […]

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Lyricapsule: Thich Quang Duc’s Immolation; June 11, 1963

Rock and politics have always had a contentious relationship, with a massive section of minds sour at the idea of the latter being part of the former. But most can agree that the two can […]

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RIFF’d: Jack White’s ‘Lazaretto’

A lot of millennials freaked out over the 10-year anniversary of Mean Girls, marking it a milestone in ‘holy crap, I’m getting old’ syndrome. I, on the other hand, get the same set of heebie jeebies […]

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Lyricapsule: Joe Walsh Reflects – ‘Life’s Been Good’; June 10, 1978

Post-Bernie Leadon Eagle‘s pinch hitter, Joe Walsh, mounted his run for the best rock punchline of the 70s on this day in 1978, when his mock-ballad jam, “Life’s Been Good,” entered the Billboard Hot 100 […]

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Pastor to God via Chris Brown: ‘These hoes ain’t loyal!’

Baltimore mega-church preacher Jamal H. Bryant of the Empowerment Temple came under fire last weekend for taking a page from the Gospel According to Breezy, busting a lyric from “Loyal” really out of nowhere. Which certainly wouldn’t cause such […]

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Best Lyric Vids of the Week: Volume XXIII

Riff Raff spells the obvious with the obvious, Mary J. Blige lets a computer zip up what’s left of her cred, and Linkin Park surprise with the simple in Week 23 of the mighty word dance with Lady […]

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Lyricapsule: R. Kelly’s ‘Trapped in the Closet’; June 6, 2002

There’s an old literary weapon called the “Iceberg Theory” in which an artist cuts out bits of what the story is more deeply about, leaving all the fun and imagination up to the receiver of […]

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Wheel of Fortune Fail: ‘Surf Clay Were We Come’

Perhaps we could forgive “Stephen” on last night’s edition of Wheel of Fortune, should he have had to name the author of the song, “Surf City,” in which he and two other contestants raced against time […]

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14-Year-Old Bieber Was a Jokester, Racist Lyric Puns Surface

There’s not a pop star out there right now who draws the ire of the public quite like Justin Bieber does. He’s a detestable little mouse who thrives off being a nuisance, a professional asshole […]

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Notes from Mr. Sandman: Cody Chesnutt’s ‘Headphone Masterpiece’

Introducing ‘Notes from Mr. Sandman‘ – a column slapping a spotlight on lyricists overlooked, under appreciated, or just plain criminally slept on. Or like a man named Nas once said, “I never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death.” […]

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