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NBC Reworks Offensive ‘Peter Pan’ Lyrics

It’s not a complete stretch to say that when it comes to acknowledging past travesties the Native Americans have unfairly been pushed to the margins. Think about it, as a nation we still celebrate Columbus […]

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RIFF’d: Pitbull’s ‘Globalization’

We should be thankful that an artist like Pitbull and an album like Globalization exists, otherwise we might forget about the ruse going on all around us, the force-feeding of homogenized, genetically modified hot garbage to […]

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Chris Brown Puts Tupac Lyrics on His Lambo

The mere mention of Chris Brown‘s name is enough to rile even the most indifferent critic. You either love him or hate him – very little room for anything else. He’s many things: a wife beater, a […]

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Bo Diddley; Photo: n/a

Lyricapsule: Bo Diddley Debuts ‘The Beat’; November 20, 1955

Leading an infamous pack of defiers who dared to go against the wishes of Ed Sullivan, Mississippi blues-cum-rock innovator, Bo Diddley, dropped “the Bo Diddley beat” on this day in 1955 on The Ed Sullivan […]

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Milli Vanilli; Photo: n/a

Lyricapsule: The Grammys Strip Milli Vanilli of Award; November 19, 1990

Worse than Chunk getting his ice cream taken away in Goonies, worse than every olympiad’s medal-stripped doping fiasco, there is Milli Vanilli, the cheesy pop puppets of 1990 who attained the status of the only […]

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The World Reacts to Band Aid 30 Lyric Redux

Since Sir Bob Geldof and Midge Ure gave another star-studded Band Aid reboot to their landmark 1984 anti-poverty charity track, “Do They Know it’s Christmas?,” on Sunday during the British version of The X-Factor. Geldof has cited […]

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RIFF’d: TV on the Radio’s ‘Seeds’

TV on the Radio for the longest time could do no wrong. Everything they touched was gold, a Midas touch that has sustained them for over decade. That is until their fifth studio album Seeds […]

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Eminem throws Shade at Lana Del Rey

Eminem is at it again this time taking a stab at Lana Del Rey and Ray Rice. For those not familiar with the situation, Ray Rice was banned from the NFL for basically cold clocking […]

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Best Lyric Vids of the Week: Volume XLV

We’d like to think the universe planned a week in which Nicki Minaj is envisioned as a nazi hip-hop dictator and a supergroup trio of German metal heads named after a kind of tank take […]

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Alan Bean on the Moon; Photo: NASA/Charles Conrad

Lyricapsule: The U.S. Sends Some More Men to the Moon; November 14, 1969

A mere four months after the late Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 crew took their infamous step and leap for man and mankind on the moon, ‘Murrica shot another crew – Apollo 12 – […]

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