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Handwritten Bob Marley Lyrics Expected to Fetch $15k

Another piece of lyric ephemera is set to go under the hammer, this time hawked by the 1977 Exodus-era edition of Bob Marley‘s Wailers crew via horn player Dick Cuthell and the tune “Keep on Moving.”  How Curthell […]

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Notes from Mr. Sandman: Navarro

Introducing ‘Notes from Mr. Sandman‘ – a column slapping a spotlight on lyricists overlooked, under appreciated, or just plain criminally slept on. Or like a man named Nas once said, “I never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death.” […]

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Lyricapsule: Soft Cell’s ‘Tainted Love’ Sticks Around for 43 Weeks; November 6, 1982

Incubated on the Northern England soul circuit in the 70s when it was a Gloria Jones’ brass-punch of a DJ fave, Jones painting the Motown sound black with the song’s battered declarations on the tainting […]

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Op-Ed: Vince Staples’ Perfectly Ignorant Lens on ’90s Rap

In an interview with Time Magazine Vince Staples made some suspect comments about ’90s rap, which is known by many as the golden-era. It was perceived as disrespect, quickly sparking a very public outcry. Staples said, “The ’90s get […]

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Lyricapsule: Susan B. Anthony Fined for Attempting to Vote; November 5, 1872

Renowned suffragist, raging granny, woman on silver dollar from 1979-1981, Susan B. Anthony walked into a presidential election polling booth on this day in 1872 and got slapped with a $100 fine for attempting to […]

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Taylor Swift Sued Over ‘Shake it Off’ Lyrics for $42 Million

Finally, the long-overdue Taylor Swift backlash might actually gain some ground. It really won’t, of course, as she’s more lawyered up than a frat boy with a DUI. But as it turns out the fairly moronic […]

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Two Virginia High School Students Draw Ire Over Racially-Appropriated Drake Lyric

Hip-hop culture is one of the most misunderstood movements in the world, polarizing enough that fans can be uncertain as to where to draw the line — the difference between conscientious contributions and straight up appropriation. Such […]

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Lyricapsule: Dylan vs. the Blowfish; November 3, 1995

Easy targets, shooting the Blowfish in the proverbial AOR barrel. “Only Wanna Be With You,” despite Cracked Rear View’s absurd amount of record sales — 16x Platinum and counting — for anyone who knows that […]

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Lyricapsule: Mississippi John Hurt Dies; November 2, 1966

We tend to think of blues as the driving Chicago modern electric woe, or the front-porch bar-chord chugalugs that are just as much gospel howl as world-done-me-wrong sing-alongs. Mississippi John Hurt, who passed away on this […]

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Best Lyric Vids of the Week: Volume XLIV

The Pope sells his prog-rock soul out already, Matt Berninger pulls his dick out of the sunlight and into the moonlight of Halloween, Weezer find a way to both bless and desecrate the sanctity of the […]

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