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Lyricapsule: Marley is Taken From Us; May 11, 1981

Cancer took Bob Marley from the world on this day back in 1981. The reggae legend was 36-years-young. As with most of Marley’s tunes, their pliability was what made them classics, rife with religious plugs, but presented […]

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Lyricapsule: John Wayne Gacy, Jr. is Executed; May 10, 1994

We made a mention of the day police moved in on John Wayne Gacy Jr.’s horror house back in December. But today marks the day that Illinois decided to execute the notorious serial killer back in […]

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RIFF’D: A$AP Ferg’s ‘Always Strive and Prosper

A$AP Ferg‘s sophomore album Always Strive and Prosper is a vast departure from his debut Trap Lord. It has him expanding upon personal narratives in ways that reflect a supreme confidence in both himself and his […]

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Lyricapsule: L. Ron Hubbard Publishes Dianetics; May 9, 1950

L. Ron, a.k.a. Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, tired of penning science fiction novels, took a stab at psychology on this day back in 1950, publishing Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, the precursor to his infamous […]

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Lyricapsule: The Beatles Drop ‘Let it Be’; May 8, 2012

Today marks the anniversary of The Beatles‘ 12th and final album drop, Let It Be, sullied in the grand oeuvre of things for breaking up the band, and doubling up its status as a soundtrack to a […]

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Lyricapsule: The Stones Begin Their ‘Satisfaction’ Quest; May 6, 1965

Kooky brit-rock poster child Keith Richards awoke from a slumber on this day in 1965, mid-US tour, and fumbled out the iconic riff for The Rolling Stones “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” telling his bandmates he couldn’t get any, […]

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RIFF’D: Aesop Rock’s ‘The Impossible Kid’

Aesop Rock is as animated as they come, almost on the verge of being verbose. His latest album The Impossible Kid represents an important shift in perspective; it’s the most straightforward and transparent he’s ever been, analyzing everything […]

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RIFF’D: J Dilla’s ‘The Diary’

J-Dilla‘s posthumous album The Diary is not what you think; it’s not a long lost beat tape and it’s not a traditional full length. It’s a collection of songs that he had intended to release […]

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Notes from Mr. Sandman: Lords of the Underground

Introducing ‘Notes from Mr. Sandman‘ – a column slapping a spotlight on lyricists overlooked, under appreciated, or just plain criminally slept on. Or like a man named Nas once said, “I never sleep, cause sleep […]

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Lyricapsule: Dylan & Cash Duet on ‘Girl From the North Country’; May 1, 1969

Kicking off its 58-episode run, The Johnny Cash Show taped its first performances on this day in 1969, featuring Joni Mitchell, Doug Kershaw and Bob Dylan, the latter of which joining the “Man in Black” on […]

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