Streetside: Melvins at the Showbox in Seattle; October 18, 2014

Melvins are one of the best sludge-stoner metal bands of all time and arguably the first. Of course, that’s not exactly the most lucrative genre, unless you speed it up to midtempo radio format, slap […]

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Metal Fan Goes to Jail for Posting Lyrics on Facebook

At times it seems like we’re moving in endless circles like a ferris wheel caught in some twisted carnival, seemingly progressive one moment in that we can entertain ideas like space travel, but hopelessly doomed the next as our […]

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Streetside: Converge at Seattle’s ‘Rain Fest’; May 23, 2014

It’s Memorial Day weekend in Washington state: all the Pitchfork-hip bands are at the Gorge for the state’s mini-Coachella, Sasquatch!, and the underage kids flirting with hippie culture are at the free Folklife Festival. For those who […]

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GWARus Amongus: RIP Dave Brockie (GWAR’s Oderus Urungus)

To many, GWAR is a laughably bad band. Especially If you operate under the closed-minded, oxymoronic assumption that metal is by definition mindlessly juvenile. Five grown men with viking gay-porn-star pseudonyms dressed in gigantic, rubber demon costumes probably […]

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Photo: Freddie Ross

Streetside: Daughters Reunite at The Met in Pawtucket, RI; September 13

No one embodies misfortune, panic, disease and filth quite like Daughters. And no one makes it so aurally empowering, either. For most of their nine-year existence, they only created obsessive cult fans or extreme haters until creative […]

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Josh Holland of Dog Shredder, courtesy of Kyu Han

Streetside: Dog Shredder Rips, Blinds an Intimate Affair at Seattle’s Sunset Tavern; August 22

Seattle’s bar scene – particularly in the faux-folksy Ballard neighborhood – doesn’t exactly scream “metal,” so it’s puzzling that aggressive acts, especially out-of-towners, always flock to the Sunset Tavern. The dim, red hue of the […]

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RIFF’d: Black Sabbath’s ’13′

Arching back to a pre-Osbournes era in which Ozzy still had some flex on his metal legacy, getting the band back together for reunion mantle tour, Ozzfest, circa 1997, 13 is a roughly 13-years-in-the-making glory days […]

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Postmadonna chillin

Spotlight: Postmadonna

I once had a conversation with an acquaintance about my favorite sub-genre, “math-rock,” knowing full well I’d have to explain its definition. He’d heard it meant “emotionless, show-off music.” I was both pissed at whoever […]

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"Bullet For My Valentine"

Listing: 5 Lyrical Duds from Bullet For My Valentine’s ‘Temper Temper’

Reuniting once again with producer Don Gilmore, UK natives Bullet For My Valentine have officially succumbed to their own hype. It’s a demise that uproots them from their traditional sound, and has them redefining it in glossier, […]

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afterman descension featured

Listing: The Plot from Coheed and Cambria’s ‘The Afterman: Descension’

Coheed and Cambria’s entire discography is a soundtrack to frontman Claudio Sanchez’s The Amory Wars comic book storyline, with every lyric fitting the plot, while simultaneously aiming to stand alone. Talk about ambition. We last left […]

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