Lyrics in the Courtroom

Another Case of Rap Lyrics Used as Trial Evidence

So it is that with every passing day our First Amendment descends even further into darkness, almost unrecognizable at this point – blurred to the point of extinction. Orwell knew, so we shouldn’t be surprised. The […]

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Metal Fan Goes to Jail for Posting Lyrics on Facebook

At times it seems like we’re moving in endless circles like a ferris wheel caught in some twisted carnival, seemingly progressive one moment in that we can entertain ideas like space travel, but hopelessly doomed the next as our […]

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Another Rapper Sent to Jail Over Contentious Lyrics

There have been discussions before as to whether or not rap should be considered protected speech, and the argument in favor of it being so is fairly simple and straightforward. It’s an art form and […]

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Freedom Was the Case that We Fought For: Lyrics vs. The Courts

Following our extension of a conversation the New York Times prodded on cops bustin’ lyric chops for gang and criminal activity, the hip-hop community, and music community at large, has its eyes on an impending New […]

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