Lyricapsule: Tina Turner’s ’500,000th’ ‘River Deep, Mountain High’ Vocal Take; March 7, 1966

Now considered one of his pinnacle recordings, Phil Spector‘s 1966 homage to unconditional love, “River Deep, Mountain High” just about drove everyone mad at an AFM session for the song on this day 47 years […]

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Lyricapsule: The Rise and Fall of Disco at the Grammys; February 27, 1980

The Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences decided disco should be part of the Grammy Awards party on this day back in 1980 with Gloria Gaynor‘s “I Will Survive,” awarding the starlet the first and last […]

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Lyricapsule: Snoop Dogg is Acquitted of Murder; February 20, 1996

“I didn’t have no expressions. You know what I’m sayin’? It was all inner. I prayed on it,” said the Lion formerly known as Dogg to MTV, following the emotions he visited while the verdict of […]

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Lyricapsule: The Cash Family Shoots Down ‘Ring of Fire’ Hemorrhoid Ad; February 19, 2004

In a sad state of posthumous legacy affairs, not even a year after Johnny and June Carter Cash passed away, Merle Kilgore, who co-wrote the 1963 gem “Ring of Fire” with the late country elite, […]

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Lyricapsule: Just Another Love Song; February 14, Forever

The “love song” is a misnomer. Or obsolete, rather, as a case really can be made for every song ever made containing some bit of love. Stopping, buying, hurting, tenderizing, interrupting, it’s all been done a […]

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Lyricapsule: Bob Marley Gets Born; February 6, 1945

That Bob Marley was taken from us so young will forever sting. But so goes the opportunity to commemorate the indellible reggae spirit on this the day of his birth in Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica, […]

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Lyricapsule: Eugene McDaniels Drops ‘Point of No Return’; February 4, 1962

Before he pissed off Spiro Agnew with his political skewerings – ah the glory days, when Big Brother could destroy a musician’s career – on suit-ruffling freak-out Headless Heroes of the Apocalypse in 1971, R&B talent […]

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Lyricapsule: President Truman Announces H-Bomb Production; January 31, 1950

Truman’s diary entry after the testing of the atomic bomb: We have discovered the most terrible bomb in the history of the world. It may be the fire destruction prophesied in the Euphrates Valley Era, […]

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Lyricapsule: Brenda Spencer Doesn’t Like Mondays; January 29, 1979

San Diego teen Brenda Spencer took a .22 caliber rifle she was given for Christmas from her father, despite asking “for a radio,” and took the lives of two adults and wounded eight children on […]

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Lyricapsule: ‘Oh Shit!’, Buzzcocks’ B-Side Incites Strike; January 24, 1978

Iconic manchester punks, the Buzzcocks, caused a ruckus in ’77 when they unleashed the wry slashings of “Orgasm Addict,” singer Pete Shelley mimicking the veritable O-face howl. Though it was a week after the Sex Pistols […]

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