Op-Ed: The Intoxicating Irrelevance of PSY’s Return to Viral Form, ‘Daddy’

The man behind the “Gangnam Style” juggernaut is back. However, he’s been “back” before — there was 2013’s “Gentleman” and 2014’s Snoop Dogg-featuring “Hangover,” which have netted roughly 900 and 230-million and YouTube views. And that’s nothing compared […]

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Artist Behind One of the Most Sampled Tracks of All Time Finally Gets Paid (Sort Of)

It may be about nine years too late and millions of dollars too short, but it’s something. One of the most sampled drum grooves of all time, the “Amen Break” from The Winstons’ “Amen Brother,” finally […]

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Streetside: Ibeyi Channel Fall Equinox at Chicago’s Thalia Hall; September 23

Coinciding with a crisp fall equinox, French-Cuban twin sisters Ibeyi made an appearance at Thalia Hall in Chicago on Wednesday (September 23) to celebrate their heavily lauded self-titled album, the autumnal mystique a perfect compliment to their un-pinnable fusion of everything from […]

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Currents-hi-res copy

RIFF’d: Tame Impala’s ‘Currents’

Personal growth can be difficult especially in a place as fickle as the music industry. Everyone wants the same old thing, and to venture beyond the norm is, in most instances, a death sentence. But […]

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Streetside: Death Grips at Seattle’s Showbox; June 19, 2015

I finally saw Death Grips live. The noise-rap innovators kicked off their ‘posthumous’ world tour in my hometown of Seattle. Throngs of underage white kids lined up around the block the entire day of the show, […]

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RIFF’d: Giorgio Moroder’s ‘Déjà Vu’

Giorgio Moroder is the original Skrillex. Think about it: both of them had previous, notable-but-less-historic careers — Moroder’s in repurposing American bubblegum for Euro audiences, Skrillex in repurposing metal for screamo fans of the Hot […]

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Streetside: Dan Deacon at Seattle’s Neumo’s; May 8, 2015

If you know who Dan Deacon is outside of his viral “Drinkin’ Outta Cups” sketch-rant, then you’ve heard of his infamous live show: a highly-interactive, all-inclusive indie dance party that just about everyone describes as […]

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Listing: Death Grips’ Nihilistic, Suicidal ‘Swan Song’ ‘Jenny Death’

Every weirdo, 4chan user, and experimental music fan just had Christmas come early. Or, ridiculously late, if you count the original wait. Jenny Death, the second half of Death Grips‘ supposed final act, The Powers That […]

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RIFF’d: Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’

Madonna’s 30+ year career has come under much scrutiny, but some of that can be explained by sexism and puritanical sex-negativism. However, the large chunk that remains revolves around her exploitation (and, of course, white-washing) […]

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RIFF’d: Dan Deacon’s ‘Gliss Riffer’

Dan Deacon‘s Gliss Riffer boasts everything fans love about his hyperactive style, but softens his work’s previous edge to make more sense outside of the DIY set. As such, those who have dubbed his past […]

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