RIFF’d: Arcade Fire’s ‘Reflektor’

After all the guerrilla marketing campaigns, the teaser videos that just wouldn’t quit, the Bowie back-up vocals, the bobble-heads, “secret shows,” cryptic-punk SNL featurettes, fake cover bands, critic Achtung Baby posturing and incredulous silence from Arcade Fire until about a week ago […]

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Listing: The Warrior Catharsis of Neko Case’s ‘The Worse Things Get…’ in 5 Lyrics

While the old adage that ‘from great pain comes great art’ is a cheap reduction of the wonders of the human spirit, there is some validity to it. Way down from her perch atop a […]

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'The Civil Wars' album art

Listing: The 5 Most Awkward-to-Record Lyrics from The Civil Wars’ S/T

One can’t help but cringe imagining the recording process for this entire album. The Civil Wars‘ new self-titled record (August 6) was made after a run of canceled tour dates signaled an indefinite hiatus due […]

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Gogol Bordello

Listing: Gogol Bordello’s ‘Pura Vida Conspiracy’ in 5 Introspective Sentiments

An on-stage performance with Madonna at Live Earth, an appearance in Everything Is Illuminated, 2010’s Rick Rubin-produced Trans-Continental Hustle – Gogol Bordello’s riotous brand of gypsy folk-punk has regularly threatened to break out into the […]

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Listing: 5 Mental Health Issues from Alice in Chains’ ‘The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here’

Like any self-respecting heroin-addled grunge band, Alice in Chains are nothing if not dark. Overdoses claimed not only original lead singer Layne Staley in 2002, but also original bassist Mike Starr in 2011. The remaining […]

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Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City

Listing: 5 Know-it-All Lyrics from Vampire Weekend’s ‘Modern Vampires of the City’

Vampire Weekend’s third offering, Modern Vampires of the City, experiments with pitch-shifting, recording onto tape and even a spectrum analyzer. The 43-minute tour-de-spirituality was made with the ethos: ‘if it sounds familiar, throw it out’. Outside of […]

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Streetside: The Cave Singers Bring it All Back Home at Seattle’s Showbox; May 4

Local favorites The Cave Singers ended their 31-date tour with Philly grunge-gaze outfit Bleeding Rainbow at Seattle’s own Showbox at the Market, and the welcome couldn’t have been much warmer. After the openers’ finished their set by unceremoniously […]

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shouting matches maybe 2

Spotlight: The Shouting Matches

Justin Vernon is no stranger to mystique. While his breakthrough debut album as Bon Iver, For Emma, Forever Ago, tugged everyone’s heartstrings with Vernon’s oddly-masculine falsetto, the music was overshadowed by its romantic, backwoodsy legend. […]

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"Shaking the Habitual; Photo:N/A"

Listing: 5 Bold Political Declarations from The Knife’s ‘Shaking the Habitual’

Gender, race, class and identity are all topics found on The Knife‘s fourth album, Shaking the Habitual - their first project together in six years. It’s a highly political venture that embodies everything from queer theory […]

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Spotlight: California X

“Lush and loud, but down to earth.” This is how Lemmy Gurtowsky describes his band, California X – the sludge-boppers who have spent the best part of 2013 tearing down “guitar music is dead” naysayers, […]

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