Credit: Cat PowerPiano sultress Chan Marshall, a.k.a. Cat Power, is pushing forward with that new album tease she tweeted back in April, unveiling the first sounds from said record, Sun, due this September, dubbed “Ruin.” This is her first wholly original piece of tuneage since ’06’s The Greatest, as ’08’s Jukebox was an interpretational project. Word on the intranets is that she cut off her hair three days after a break up, jet to France and “finished the shit,” she told UK pub The Stool Pigeon, alluding to her split with actor Giovanni Ribisi. Word also on the intranets is that she played every instrument on the album. That said, “Ruin” is no French inhale of a slow-burn the world has seen Miss Power has master. Production duties arrive by way of Philippe Zdar, the electro-pop talent behind Cassius. The key bits are mobile, on the heels of a rousing electric guitar riff, clattered along by a “tick-tick-tickety-tick” bridge and a stiff, hip-popping backbeat, Marshall howling in the chorus, “What are we doin’/We’re sittin’ on a ruin.” If there’s breakup energy here, it’s chasing something angry. It’s also thoroughly satisfying to watch her spray-paint its title in the Austin Conroy-directed video below: