Baba Brinkman’s official video for ‘Make it Hot’; Photo: YouTube

Baba Brinkman is a Canadian rapper who has garnered much attention for his song “Make It Hot.” Based on the title alone, it’s easy to assume it’s just another hype song by a rapper who has nothing but dollar signs in his eyes, but it’s not. “Make it Hot” is actually about climate change, and the dangerous affect it is having on the world.

Brinkman opens with a straight forward verse about emissions, and like a true teacher he is holding everyone accountable: [LISTEN]

Scientists are telling us that we’re standing on a precipice
And we have to convert the global economy and make it emission-less
And those emissions are caused by every single one of our jobs
Every one of us contributing carbon emissions to the smog

There have been other songs about climate change, but “Make it Hot” takes a deeper look; analyzing the economics as well. Brinkman talks strategy and encourages listners to take a stance too:

And Bill McKibben and the Guardian have been targeting investments
Like: Dirty energy is the new tobacco, so keep your distance
From anybody makin’ a profit off of fossil fuels
Cool, I’m down with the boycott, I’m just boycotting myself too

Brinkman was asked to perform “Make It Hot” at the COP21 climate meeting in Paris. This was after performing at the AGU Annual Meeting in New Orleans which brought out 23,000 earth, climate and space scientists.

In addition to rapping about climate change (something he did extensively on The Rap Guide to Climate Chaos), he has also penned albums on human nature (The Rap Guide to Human Nature) and evolution (The Rap Guide to Evolution).

It doesn’t take a scientist (no pun intended) to see that Brinkman is on to something. And while it may take more than one man to move the people who can make a significant change, it is admirable and a big step in the right direction.