Lil Windex in the official video for ‘Bitcoin Ca$h’; Photo: YouTube

Over the past few years cryptocurrency has gained quite a bit of traction, just ask 50 Cent. And for those who are confused over what’s what, bizarro rapper Lil Windex is here to save the day.

Just a few short days ago, the Canadian-born rapper released “Bitcoin Ca$h,” a trap-style banger that explains (in surprisingly detailed fashion) the subtleties of the newly minted cryptocurrency.

In the official video Lil Windex chronicles his rise from window-washing, tent-living street vagrant to living in the Hamptons with his supermodel wife. It all started when he was washing someone’s windows, and saw an app that piqued his curiosity. When he inquired about it the man broke down the benefits of mining for Bitcoin cash.

Lil Windex raps:

The miners make money by taking a fee every time a transaction is made and complete
And they work every minute and day of the week
A guy named Satoshi created this all
He’s the mastermind of it

At the end of the video Lil Windex goes on a tirade, explaining how Bitcoin Cash is the wave of the future. The transcript (via Gizmodo) has him trying to convince any and everyone within earshot to invest like he did:

“Hey fuck bitcoin core. You’re just a buncha names. We the BCH gang. We run this game. So before you start talking just consider the fact that we’re the real money makers. We got millions in cash. And bitch we: Strive for success/We’re defined as the best/And if you want your/Life to be blessed/Then come on by and invest/Just like I did/And now my wife’s breasts/Have doubled in size on her chest/Rrrrikikiki/Ya [inaudible] motherfucker. BCH gang!”

Whether you’re a skeptic of cryptocurrency or an advocate, it’s clear that the new wave of wealthy living is upon us. Thankfully we have scholars like Lil Windex to explain all the nuances of this promising new landscape.