Photo: n/aOr so Rolling Stone poked around for a reaction in its latest interview with the icon, Bobby D, tossing a dart right at all the hoopla from various critics over his just-dropped 35th studio album, Tempest, and some purported heavy lyrical borrowing from other writers on preceding albums Modern Times and Love and Theft, particularly Japanese author Junichi Saga’s Confessions of a Yakuza and Civil War poet Henry Timrod. His magnificent, condensed “response to those kinds of charges:”

Wussies and pussies complain about that stuff…It goes way back. These are the same people that tried to pin the name Judas on me. Judas, the most hated name in human history!…Yeah, and for what? For playing an electric guitar? As if that is in some kind of way equitable to betraying our Lord and delivering him up to be crucified. All those evil motherfuckers can rot in hell.

The verdicts are still rolling in from the “wussies and pussies” on Tempest. Though as we have the pleasure of witnessing the legend push on into his mid 70s, let us roll the 1966 “Judas” footage because it’s just about the most awesome moment in rock and roll ever, Dylan responding first with the utterance to his drummer, “Play it fucking loud!” and then with a scathing rendition of “Like a Rolling Stone:”