Riff Raff‘s streetlight window nonsense, Jónsi chases the English dragon in the clouds, Macca‘s army of picture literati and more, as we roll into the half-way mark of 2014’s Best Lyric Vids of the Week. Will Riff Raff find the bi-curious mermaid? Will Jónsi tame the dragon? Macca make a cameo? A word is worth a thousand pictures in the land of lyric videos.

Riff Raff – ‘Lava Glaciers

Sampling Nektar‘s “It’s All in the Mind,” Riff Raff unleashes the kitsch nonsense, connecting dots between bi-curious mermaids and David Hasselhoff, while Childish Gambino butts in to put entertainment over the heart. The narrative is kind of impenetrable, the way of coherence, but another animation from Xavier Ruffin and Dopamine Productions wins with lyrics scrolling across windows of a car like ghost lights in the night: 

"Lava Glaciers"

Jónsi – ‘Where No One Goes

Sigur Róslead weaver of pastoral Icelandic souls doubles-down on his medieval cartoon contributions with another track for the Dreamworks’ series, How to Train Your Dragonin this rare opportunity to both hear him sing in English and for little kids at the same time. Though that ain’t entirely fair, dragons are cool for all ages. But block letters in the clouds are always kind of a copout:

"Where No One Goes"

Overkill – ‘Armorist

Jersey thrash vets draw some Ecto Cooler green flames to tease the abbreviated profanity gnar single from forthcoming White Devil Armory. Green is the color if gnar, if you didn’t know. ‘G-D-M-F” gnar. Not a lot of bells and whistles, here, just simple effective thrash letter mode:


Maroon 5 – ‘Maps

Despite the spurned lover narrative, unrequited affection and sympathy tossed in worlds-smallest-violin pop spades, the Maroon crew play slave to antagonist and blast the tale with and endless barrage of digital flowers. Kaleidoscopic pussy propaganda, people, watch yourself:


Paul McCartney – ‘Save Us

Macca air-guitaring back to health from his bout with viral-unnamed, commissioned his army of fans to send in creative interpretations of “Save Us,” a sleeper rocker from NewOf course he had his peoples put together a video of it all, revealing how awesome it must be to be Paul McCartney with fans from age 5 to 80, staging elaborate stills for the glory of a lyric video. Team Macca did fine job with it, too – dig the floating campfire girls at :21:

"Save Us"