The art of ‘las’, advent of the dubstrip, Slash resurrecting a zine harlet for an end of the world car porn romp – never a dull moment in the chase to bring song to the eye, week 25 of the year’s best seven days in lyric videos never coming close to an exception. Hide your hot dogs, clean your car windows and push play.

Lia Ices – ‘Thousand Eyes

Brooklyn indie-pop sorceress Lia Ices shoots for the psychedelic collage art moon, here, with a little help from a dude named Hugo Barros. Overlaying images of planets hanging at the edge of fields, two worlds meet in innumerable ways, while Ices shoots her “voice up like an arrow into love’s rare universe.” So beautifully past the moon and into the cosmos, really. Hypnotic use of the time-old ‘la’, as well:

"Thousand Eyes"

Against Me! – ‘Drinking with the Jocks

Raising the bar above the transgender booby strifes of “FUCKMYLIFE666,” Laura Jane Grace once again slaps the eyeballs with frustrated metaphor and shock, cut with a chaotic case of the lyric shakes. Basically, this is like punching a hole in the wall with a paintbrush. Or in the eyes of LJG, an animation of an axe splitting a hot dog in two. A fine, vulgar fit:

"Drinking with the Jocks"

Slash – ‘World on Fire

Slash and his rawk cronies still livin’ the sex and drugs dream, in this surprisingly creative POV zine-making session turn real-deal, starring a groupie with so much leg she can’t help herself but take off her panties and spread them like an eagle over the hood of car ornament. The metal-head font, surprisingly, is the true money shot, though, aimed at taking all your pleasures in before the who show goes to shit:

"World on Fire"

Keith Urban – ’Somewhere in My Car

Rain, yellow streetlight blurs and glows, chunky marker sentiments streaked across windows as best as a computer can do – you know the drill. Go get your trite heartache on, Keith is there for y’all, pop-crushin’ brahs. Let it out:

"Somewhere in my Car"

David Guetta – ‘Blast Off

Dubstrip! Say what you will about the drop, as a medium that thinks with its dick better than any other, vivid animations of a kid’s grand skateboarding adventure through everywhere concrete jungle is a choice fit. Regardless of how mind-numbing the mantra is – eye-candy for days. There’s something about putting “party up” in a comic ‘kapow’ bubble that validates it all:

"Blast Off"